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    American to end Etihad and Qatar Codeshares

    Air Transportation Stabilization Board. That said, I think all of the loans the ATSB backed were paid back, with the ATSB actually making money.
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    737 MAX seat pitch

    As a passenger (not an employee), I agree 100%. If you want the extra space, just pay for it. There are really good advanced purchase first and business fares these days on most routes if you plan a little ahead, which avoids the hassle of hoping for an upgrade.
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    772 with new seats

    I certainly hope AA is accelerating this.  The 777-200 business class product with the "old" seats is nowhere near competitive these days.
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    Mad dogs to the desert

      The Airbus A320 series was never designed to.  But, the A320s are also cheaper to operate.
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    All Delta flights grounded due to computer outage

    What's odd is any major data center typically has its own generator-based power backup.  Even if the power is down in a major area, a data center shouldn't shutdown, unless perhaps the power outage lasts days.  Something smells fishy.
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    AA wins!

    And finish the refurb of the LAA 772s in J.
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    Flight Attendant Tells Passenger to ‘Shut Up’ After Argument Over Pasta

      This happened to me once.  I pre-ordered online, but the selection wasn't on the printed manifest.  The flight attendant checked her iPad (or whatever the electronic devices are) and saw my order there ... it just wasn't printed for some reason.
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    Flight Attendant Tells Passenger to ‘Shut Up’ After Argument Over Pasta

    And then of course the pre-ordering impacts things, too.  Are a lot of people using that?
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    Delta in talks to acquire dozens of small narrowbody jets - sources

      Many of the MD-80s are much older, though, and keeping a small fleet of ex-TWA MD-80s around doesn't make sense.  In addition, were these newer MD-80s leased or mortgaged/owned?  If leased and the leases are expiring, then it makes even more sense to lease a different plane that fits better...
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    Doug Parker decries profit sharing....

    I've worked at jobs with and without profit sharing.  Take it in salary, always!  Profit sharing is a way to keep routine wages lower to avoid year-over-year increases in other costs (e.g., benefits, annual merit increases, etc.).  (Just my two cents I know many on here don't agree with.)
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    Some FA's don't know they got a pay raise.

      One could argue the cost for this is built into the hourly rate applied when the doors are closed to make accounting easier.  In other words, if the airline were to pay for boarding time, etc., then the hourly rate would likely be less, resulting in no net increase in pay, yet accounting for...
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    Some FA's don't know they got a pay raise.

    Some people will never be happy.  As I've gotten older, I've gotten better at simply tuning them out.
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    Non-Rev Travel to be FREE OF CHARGE BEGINNING 6/1/2016

      When you think about it, it's not a bad strategy to try to sell as much F as possible.  2-3 paid F at $2,500 r/t is roughly $7,500.  10-11 paid F at $1,100 r/t is $12,100.  This is even more true given domestic F isn't really all that "luxurious" nor worth what airlines have been trying to...
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    Non-Rev Travel to be FREE OF CHARGE BEGINNING 6/1/2016

      AA and DL (and likely others) have started aggressively selling advanced purchase, non-refundable first class fares on many routes.  I flew DCA-LAX a few weeks ago.  F round trip was about $1,100 while coach was about $600.  I opted to just book the First class ticket in lieu of attempting an...
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    AA will introduce Premium Economy for long-haul widebody fleet

    Excellent!  I flew Premium Economy on AF back in September on a personal trip.  Was worth every penny.  I'm so glad to see AA getting into the game.
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    Often times, those one way fares end up being part of a multi-leg ticket, which is usually a business traveler stopping in multiple cities on a given trip.
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    A319 Interiors

    Some of the A319 interiors are in sorry shape, especially the ones 10+ years old.  They need a good refresh.
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    Retired Marine Removed from AA Flight for being too Fat

    I'm on AA's side here.  I'm sympathetic to people who struggle with weight, as I have my whole life.  However, encroaching more than two inches into an adjancent seat is too much.  It's not fair to the person sitting in the adjacent seat.  If that's the case, one should buy a first class seat or...
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    AA Loses Passenger's $250,000 Prosthetic Leg

    Why on earth was this in checked luggage?
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    New "Hold" Option on

      It's there.  I've used it twice in the past month to hold a reservation for 24 hours.  You need to make a reservation and get to the point of paying, at which point you're asked if you want to pay now or hold for 24 hours.  (Unless all of this changed in the last few days, that is.)