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    An American Airlines pilot died mid-flight An American Airlines pilot died mid-flight after experiencing a medical emergency this morning, airline officials said. The pilot, whose name and age were not released, was flying from Boston to Phoenix when...
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    Hiring Spree Brings New Blood to American Airlines

    Airline has hired more than 8,700 workers since 2015. 400 reservation agents will be added at DFW call center. It's Americans largest hiring surge in over a decade.
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    Boeing Assessing Damage to Aircraft Components After Rail Accident

    Boeing Co. BA +0.70% on Saturday said it was assessing the damage to aircraft components that were aboard a freight train that derailed in Montana en route to its plants in Washington state. The derailment on Thursday threatened to throw a wrench in the tightly choreographed and far-flung...
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    American Airlines close to $2.6 billion order for CFM engines: sources SEATTLE (Reuters) - American Airlines Group (AAL.O) is close to finalizing an order for 200 CFM International engines, worth $2.6 billion at list prices, to equip 100 Airbus Group NV (AIR.PA) A320neo jetliners that the airline has...
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    American, US Airways to merge terminals at O'Hare Tuesday,0,4845952.story                          Another noticeable sign for Chicagoans of the integration of American Airlines and US Airways will come Tuesday when the airlines combine their flight...
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    American Airlines to open new operations center in Fort Worth American Airlines plans to build a new operations center in Dallas-Fort Worth to oversee the daily operations of the merged new American. American, which merged with US Airways, did not...
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    Electronic OT rules and regs

    O/H Base OT will done electronically.
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    God help us! This is a joke..! Steve Luis? Gary Yingst? John Hewitt? Terry Lesperance? Pat Kinnamon? Sam Cirri? Teresa McMillen? Gordon McGill? VICKEY WALL FFS? These are just some of the people that I know that would turn on a dime to throw you to the wolves. Under the table deal makers. It's...
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    All US/AA information topic

    Contracts, unions, line/base policies and procedures...etc all comparisons concerning US and AA.
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    American Airlines issued WARN letters to the TWU International
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    American Airlines posts new 'Behind the Scenes' video on delivery of plane.
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    Tonite we had a meeting consisting of new work rule changes beginning ASAP. This meeting was held by our local union in our shop. We were told beginning on DOS we will no longer be allowed to bring cell phones to work period. No communication devices or electronic devices allowed in the gates...
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    Letter from Jim LittleRE:JudgeLane’s Ruling /APAContract

    TO: All TWU AA and AE Members RE: Judge Lane’s Ruling / APA Contract Dear Sisters and Brothers, I am sure by now that most of you are aware of Judge Lane’s recent ruling on August 15, 2012 as to the issue of whether or not he should rule in favor of AMR’s motion to abrogate the collective...
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    When is the DOS? What happens now in what order? The judge has to approve this TA correct? So actual DOS could be a few weeks, months??? Insurance and union dues go up on the DOS correct? The judge can still terminate our past contracts? The answers may be in past posts but damn there are so...
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    DFW pelted with hail

    How many AMT's to bail AA out this time?
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    No Need To Fear ! Another VP Is Here !
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    American Airlines 5 millon dollar settlement

    So if I'm reading this right..American agreed to rat out their One World partners ? American Airlines has agreed to pay $5 million and provide evidence against other airlines to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by freight shippers who were victims of a price-fixing cartel. A lawyer for...
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    Five escorted out in TUL

    Word has it five guys were walked out from hangar 6A (July 29th@ 3:15am) for nodding off while on standby until their plane arrived. Word also has it two of the crew chiefs were written up the night before because management said the crew took to long to complete an aircraft. Anyone confirm this ?
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    Man Pretends to Be Air Marshal in Bid to Make AA Flight Notice it says air marshals..not marshall. They should have arrested him to begin with and not let him go to the Admirals club. How does one not recognize an air marshal badge ? At least they got the dude in the end, but it was kind...
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    American Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing

    An American Airlines Boeing 757 flying from Chicago to Los Angeles made a safe emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport just before noon on Friday. Flight 1745, carrying 160 people, landed in Tulsa after an in-flight emergency. Tulsa Fire Captain Larry Bowles tells the News On 6 that...