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    Watch out for your 401 k''s

    ---------------- 401k plans are 'untouchable' by the company. FWIW ---------------- Actually the company can intentionaly delay distribution of the 401 k by not releasing information to Fidelity as is required by the plan...As of this evening U has still not provided the required...
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    Watch out for your 401 k''s

    they just got status this morning so thats good news[img src='']
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    Watch out for your 401 k''s

    After being released from U on Dec 6 the company and Fidelity have figured out a way to hold on to your vested 401 k money...In my case the company (HR) refuses to provide a discharge date according to Fidelity... that way you may never receive or roll over money as required by law...and risk...
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    Watch out for your 401 k''s

    was involuntary and took new job
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    Thanks for holding.... - Remarks of a CEO

    Cant share exact name but it is a large media company and the division I'm working for had over 5.2 billion in sales for the 1st 9 months...They were looking for about 15 people when I was hired...Holidays and Sundays off...Great bennies and a treatment of their employees...U is not in the...
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    Thanks for holding.... - Remarks of a CEO

    Was called back today 1/13 to INT... My hire date was 2/00. My furlough date was Dec. 6. Started new job with major corporation at three times the pay on Jan. 6.(What would you do??) Need answer at 8:30 am on 1/14. Seems pretty obvious to me. [img...
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    Re-Regulate the Airline Industry

    This may be the only way at this point to restore the confidence of the Pax,lenders and investors to keep this industry going...Many public service industries are regulated and the public is happy with the results...To not do so at this point could have a tremendous ripple effect that the...
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    New Ford Truck Commercial & Mojave

    My sister produced the shoot for the comercial done in the mojave desert... I believe the USAirways planes there were the ones sold off last year...(old metrojets) The advertising agency for Ford did some edit work to clean up the aircraft...She also went to the North Pole to produce the spot...
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    Continental and friends Report November 2002 Performance

    Seems like Gordo threatened BK right after 9/11 in order to pursuade US Government for the original bail-out package...
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    Chapter 7

    If times were good a piecemeal sale of U's parts might fetch enough to satisfy a few creditors...But these are the absolute worst of times and all airlines are trying to keep enough cash to just keep operations going...CAL the low cost model of the majors is bleeding profusely and this is a bad...
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    Continental and friends Report November 2002 Performance

    Looks like a big negative hit here with a load factor of about 70%... but they said that they would need 85% to break even...I believe this one is bleeding cash big time... now did you notice a disclosure to float some notes for 200 million to imediately raise cash...(using parts and other stuff...
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    Orlando Res Closing Jan 10!

    I think by deduction the puzzle has been solved...If pax are instructed to refer to the web site for questions overnight and of course they are unable to get the answers they need... introduce the .com classification in RES...Locations yet to be determined...but our answer to express...
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    Orlando Res Closing Jan 10!

    INT res I'm sure will be 24/7 still... Thats where prefered and Chp res are...
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    ---------------- On 11/22/2002 1:39:36 PM exjetgurl wrote: Very cute! Well, the lesson in all this is US Airways will be the size of Piedmont when all is said and done. However, keep in mind, past history is no pre-requisite for what tomorrow holds. Don't hang on to the past so tightly...
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    A great little intro-if you have a good sound card showing some PSA and Piedmont comercials...and maybe a lesson or two...[img src='''']
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    U.S. Airline Industry Must `Restructure or Die,'' Aviation Week & Space Technology Reports

    Although nobody commented on SFB 's remarks here yesterday...The comments are very insightful on WN, and as most people in the know for WN... they are actually very understated...When WN walked into BWI , U pretty much deserted as fast a possible and although PHL would be a headache for any...
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    Crack down in Res!

    Yes there is an active attempt by res management to destroy the will and the spirit of the res agents...kind of a special thank you...Thats why you wont find one agent who's not thanking their lucky stars that their leaving...and for those who are staying it's hell!!! The only reason I can think...
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    DM Award Booking Now Available Online

    Although I and many others are casualties of new technology, many agents know how much time is taken looking for award seats and we all know this produces no revenue on each of these calls...So hopefully when the company rebounds... our efforts will produce more revenue by booking new...
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    Delta Air: Unit Will Launch 36 Boeing 757s In 2003

    Actually it will be interesting to see how Gordo responds with the pending codeshare with DAL and NW seeing his pax riding up and down the coast on Delta Express...When AWA introduced value pricing he dropped that Codeshare...[img src='']