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  1. Hatu

    That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot

    The program’s leaders even envision a day when planes and helicopters, large and small, will fly people and cargo without any human pilot on board. Personal robot planes may become a common mode of travel. Consider it the aviation equivalent of the self-driving car...
  2. Hatu

    Black doctor claims discrimination by airline during flight emergency

    An African-American OB-GYN says she was discriminated against on a flight when attendants refused to let her help with an in-flight medical emergency.
  3. Hatu

    American Airlines flight attendants sue Boeing over sudden descent injuries

    The Boeing aircraft company is being sued by seven flight attendants who were injured when their American Airlines jet plunged 4,000-feet nose-first in less than one minute due to a freak incident in the cockpit.  ...
  4. Hatu

    AirAsia flight bound for Malaysia landed in Melbourne after pilot error

    A flight to Malaysia from Sydney accidentally flew to Melbourne instead because its pilot entered the wrong coordinates, an Australian aviation investigation report has found.    
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    From APFA: The Company announced today that the planned target date for Full Operational Integration (FOI) will not be happening as soon as previously anticipated. The implementation timeframe of mid-2017 has proven to be an unrealistic goal, considering the IT challenges currently beleaguering...
  6. Hatu

    Southwest Airlines plane diverted after engine blows apart
  7. Hatu

    People Over Profit is the mantra of a new low-cost airline flying from London to India

    Well, not flying yet but: Just over half of the airline's profits will be allocated to charities in the UK and India, and passengers will be able to select beneficiaries during the flight-booking process. Initially these will channel through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), though the...
  8. Hatu

    Virgin America brand might keep flying after merger with Alaska Airlines

    Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden said Wednesday that he might keep the Virgin America brand, running it and Alaska as two different products within the same airline group.
  9. Hatu

    American CEO Says Airline Industry Losses Are a Thing of the Past

    American Airlines CEO Doug Parker says the restructured airline business is still cyclical, but the possibility of losses in the down years has disappeared.
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    North Korea's one-star airline
  11. Hatu

    Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport a mess after TSA can't check checked bags

    Thousands of checked bags were piling up Thursday at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix after technical issues prevented the Transportation Security Administration from using machines to screen the luggage. The result was more than 3,000 bags missing flights, said Nico Melendez, a spokesman for the...
  12. Hatu

    Missing engine cover prompts Delta flight's emergency landing

    ...the aircraft encountered turbulence causing the engine cowl of the right hand engine (BR715) to separate.
  13. Hatu

    British Airways A380 plane lands in London with square tire

    The aft right outboard body tyre caused a lot of head scratching trying to explain how the stunning square shape of the damaged tyre came together...
  14. Hatu

    London elects Sadiq Khan, first Muslim mayor

    I wonder, if the Orangutan wins would he allow Khan to enter United States.
  15. Hatu

    Delta's New York to D.C. Shuttle, Bucking Tradition, Removes Midday Flights

    Delta Air Lines (DAL - Get Report) said it will cut back on its New York La Guardia-Washington Reagan National shuttle flights, ending a longstanding pattern of hourly flights on the shuttle... Over the weekend Delta loaded fall schedules, which take effect in August, that have 12 daily weekday...
  16. Hatu

    New Delta CEO weighs cutting overseas service as fuel costs rise

    Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines Inc.s new chief executive officer, is considering cuts to international service as rising fuel costs and weak foreign economies make some routes unprofitable. When you have oil prices rising, that takes a thin-margin route to a negative route pretty quickly, Bastian...
  17. Hatu

    United's former CEO got $36.8 million after resigning because of federal probe
  18. Hatu

    American Airlines Partner Air Wisconsin Offers Dispatchers Raises of Zero

    Dispatcher contract talks are not going well because the airline has offered no pay scale increases at all, although it is offering one-time bonuses, which are below $2,000 per dispatcher. "They have no money allocated to give structural contract raises to the dispatchers group," said Danny...
  19. Hatu

    U.S. airfares drop to lowest level since 2010 with $377 average

    When adjusted for inflation, the average 2015 domestic airfare was down 3.8 percent from the 2014 price of $392, according to the U.S. Department of Transportations Bureau of Transportation Statistics. This confirms what we have been saying: Air travel remains one of the best consumer bargains...
  20. Hatu

    Plane crashes into tree, bursts into flames