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    American Eagle ERJ-135 to get new paint?

    Newly painted A/C CR7 (11/54) N505AE 505 N506AE 506 N507AE 507 N508AE 508 N509AE 509 N511AE 511 N535EA 535 N536EA 6EA N537EA 537 N542EA 542 N545PB 5PB ERJ 145 (5/118) N668HH 668 N925AE 925 N928AE 928 N939AE 939 N942LL 942 ERJ 175 (2/2) operated by Republic to enter service 8/1 N401YX...
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    AA seeks new service to Brazil

    blah blah blah.... one time i mentioned UAL. 99.9 percent of your post have a single common thread and that is delta, with a .1 percent just eludes to delta. Its all delta delta delta. Simply put no one can have substantive conversation about real world things happening with out one of your...
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    AA seeks new service to Brazil

    (Deleted by moderator) is full of listen to me, and hear me about the great delta on nearly every post. Does every post really need to to 15 paragraphs long and go on about delta delta delta? There is a whole thread line dedicated to just delta. But your need to post on every airline thread...
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    AA's performance on LAX-PVG

    So says the king of the one tick pony.
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    AA's performance on LAX-PVG

    We all know how accurate the message is. Delta great American bad, blah blah blah. Your rating is simply a reflection of your constant desire to spin the same crap all the time. Is there any surprise that the delta board is such a waste land? No one can have a conversation with out you posting...
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    AA's performance on LAX-PVG

    This is yet another thread to distract people away from his inability to discuss or backup his remarks on the MIA-MXP thread. Same here as there no data to back it up. "Hey everybody look over here see the shiny keys?"
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    AA's performance on LAX-PVG

    So really you just pulled it from your butt.
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    new service from MIA to MXP

    AA used to fly to FRA. Bad loads and no connections.
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    new service from MIA to MXP

    American Airlines Launches New Service Between Miami And Milan American Airlines today announces daily nonstop service between Miami International Airport (MIA) and Malpensa Airport (MXP) in Milan – further strengthening American'sposition as a premier provider of international travel...
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    New AA Logo and Livery

    It doesnt matter what employees think of it, they are not buying tickets. It only matter how the public reacts to it. Since they are moving very fast it seems it is here to stay. CR7 N505AE 505 N506AE 506 N507AE 507 N508AE 508 N511AE 511 N535EA 535 N536EA 6EA N537EA 537 Currently at AMA ERJ...
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    JetBlue to build up FLL looks like a challenge to AA in MIA

    I am sure it will work as well as the 04 usair experiment. With a limited runway space, limited airport facilities, congested customs area and a great neighbor called spirit will work wonders for them.
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    Why AA employees Loathe Management- forbes article

    But the hypocrisy isnt. He was great at making threats and deleting my posts as ralph, and then as jimntx doing the same to myself and others. Yea ralph, we all knew it was you from the get go.
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    AA announces more new destinations from LAX

    when do the 319s come in to service?
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    New service DFW LIM American’s daily flight departs Dallas/Fort Worth Airport at 5:25 p.m. and arrives in Lima at 12:20 a.m. the following day. The return flight departs Lima at 1:40 a.m. and...
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    UA selling 757s to fedex

    FedEx said it agreed to buy 14 757 passenger jets from UAL and convert them into freighters, part of a plan to save on fuel costs with newer, more efficient planes. The package-delivery company will take possession of the narrow-body jets this year through 2015, and the March 8 agreement...
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    British airways 380 to LAX

    British Airways has announced that London to Los Angeles will be the first route for its double-decker Airbus A380 aircraft, beginning October 15. And London to Hong Kong will follow in November.
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    CF: AA Isn't as Weak in Asia As You Might Think

    Wish what you like wt. The government like the rest of this board knows you opinion doesnt matter, except they dont have to scroll past your bs. Face it no matter how hard you wish it wont come true.
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    CF: AA Isn't as Weak in Asia As You Might Think

    So are the rest of the posters here!
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    new flights from Miami and Mexico

    Its a return from the early 90s.
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    new flights from Miami and Mexico

    American Airlines said Thursday that it's seeking U.S. government approval to operate more flights to Brazil. The airline said it filed an application with the Department of Transportation to add a new daily round-trip flight between Sao Paolo and both Los Angeles and Chicago...