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    Strike Support

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    Can Dave And His Gang

    Dave needs to go!
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    Labor Friendly?

    In CLT maintenance we have several voluntary furloughed members who the company will not grant an extension, they are forcing them back to work. So what this does is now we will have three workers laid off, the company will have to pay them severence and their unemployment, but all this could...
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    Check This Out
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    Question For Chip

    So Chip, will you honor an IAM picket line as ALPA will instruct you or will you cross the picket line and scab? Moderator comments: Please try not to start a new thread that is directed towards a one member. Send the member a private message if you have a question. Thank you!
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    The Battle Will Begin Soon

    Seems like the company has chosen Mobile Aerospace as their vendor for the airbus heavy maintenance. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
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    IAM Debate again moved from UA forum

    Chip, wrong information again, the only engine we overhauled in-house was the JT8, when it was we stopped flying that engine type we closed the shop. WE NEVER overhauled in-house the CFM56, CF-6, Tays or the PW on the A330, we never had the tooling or machinery to do this. Plus the NMB has NO...
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    Bring Back Rakesh

    I think it is time to replace Dave and bring back Rakesh, at least he did not lie to you!
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    Selling Planes?

    BAE SYSTEMS WINS RE-MARKETING MANDATE FOR US AIRWAYS BOEING 757 AIRCRAFT The Trading and Services business of BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft has won an exclusive mandate from aircraft owners for the re-marketing of nine Boeing 757-200 aircraft currently operated by US Airways. The aircraft are...
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    Jerrod's Visit

    Seems Jerrod was unhappy with all the buttons and his flight back to DCA was 50 minutes late. What a shame!
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    Goldman Sachs
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    Dave And Chris

    Dave and Chiames came to CLT today at 9:15am,visited the property but they were MIA on the line, guess they were scared.
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    The Thieves Get Richer
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    Pit Jobs
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    Dave needs to read this
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    US Airways to Introduce Charlotte-La Romana Service
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    Load Factor

    US Airways Reports July Traffic Tuesday August 5, 12:03 pm ET ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- US Airways reported its July 2003 passenger traffic today. Revenue passenger miles for July 2003 decreased 3.5 percent on 9.5 percent less capacity compared to July 2002. The...
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    From the IAM 141m web site

    Via Facsimile & U. S. Mail Mr. David N. Siegel President & C.E.O US Airways, Inc. Dear Mr. Siegel: There have been recent reports that Senior Executives of US Airways have been traveling the country, advising our members of US Airways’ position concerning the maintenance of the Airbus...
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    Seeks to keep hub
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    Bronner Flies

    On Wednesday Bronner was flying to DCA, the utility foreman told the lead utility for that gate to make sure the plane was cleaned better then usual. What a joke why don''t we show Davey what really gets done instead of the dog and pony show management always makes us do when someone...