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  1. A320 Driver


    Twice now in two days I've been infected with a Trojan_Agent.oj virus by visiting US Aviation. I had to do a system Restore to get control of my computer again. A320 Driver
  2. A320 Driver

    Kicked When You''re Down

    I'm not surprised. Sorry, you guys worked hard and put out a great product. You deserved better than this. I worked with most of you, and you guys are class acts. Hurts worse when it comes from your co-workers. A320 Driver
  3. A320 Driver

    April 2003 Load Factor 74.1% vs 74.3% April 2002 EOM where''s my 5%. A320 Driver GIVE IT BACK!!!!!
  4. A320 Driver

    After the pilot''s pension...then what?

    BRAVO BRAVO Mike...Put that monkey on the right back for a change! A320 Driver[img src='']
  5. A320 Driver

    US Airways Would Restructure Pensions

    Please don't stir that pot again (sigh). A320 Driver[img src='']
  6. A320 Driver

    Management Scares Passengers Away ?

    Can RSA really demand Chapter 7? I thought the company had been granted an extension on the filing of a plan until Jan 31, 03. I might be wrong, but can someone else weigh in on this? A320 Driver