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    Weight Restrictions out of TLV

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    Weight Restrictions out of TLV

      The advertised range for this equipment type is more than 7,000 miles. The distance between TLV and PHL is approximately 5,800 miles. That leaves a comfortable margin that should allow for a full load of both passengers and cargo. Delta and United, who fly 777's to TLV, don't seem to have a...
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    Weight Restrictions out of TLV

    I tried non-revving out of Tel Aviv a few days ago and was denied boarding due to weight restrictions. The flight left with nine empty seats and no standby passengers on board. According to Airbus, the A330-200 has a range of approximately 7,000. Why the weight restrictions?
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    AA cutting 900 attendant jobs

    For whatever it may be worth, my wife's appears to have arrived today by FedEx Standard Overnight Service. It was left at the front door (not much of a proof of service, Eric). I assume it is the WARN notice because the return address is American Airlines Flight Service Administration. I will...
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    WARN letter finally arrives...

    That is incorrect. The eligibility criteria for VBR are: On the other hand, Lauri Curtis' message specifically states that those subject to furlough are not eligible to take OVL or participate in Partnership Flying: There is a major difference between "not currently on furlough" and...
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    A330 grounded in Manchester UK

    He did once. It was quite pathetic. AA International Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport Question about International Flight AA Trip Report
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    CO 777 Makes Emergency Landing at TLV

    Continental plane makes emergency landing at Ben-Gurion
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    American Airlines Seeks Recall Of Laid-Off Workers

    What was the date on which you graduated from FSU and received your wings? That is your occupational seniority date. Since AA flight attendant training was at least six weeks long, back in 2001, your occupational seniority date must have fallen after April 10, 2001. Every single American...
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    AA 137 Makes Emergency Landing in Glasgow

    Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Glasgow
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    American Airlines Seeks Recall Of Laid-Off Workers

    Story Video
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    Why do the rabbis even care?

    The wording only reinforces the motive of bigoted behavior such as this: Haaretz - Vilnius Catholics derogatorily portray Jews in holiday parade [excerpts]
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    Why do the rabbis even care?

    The ADL's Letter to Pope Benedict on Good Friday Prayer: The bottom line is that the revised prayer calls for the conversion of the Jews. It is offensive because it is a vivid reminder of long past centuries of forced conversions and a lingering incomprehension of the Jewish faith.
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    No Mediation For Pilots

    Cases filed in federal courts are randomly assigned to judges. The TWA flight attendants case was originally assigned to Judge Amon, who ruled on the request for the injunction to stop the furlough. When the Marcoux case was filed by nAAtive flight attendants to overturn the procedurally flawed...
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    No Mediation For Pilots

    Nonsense. The court never ruled on the merits of the case. The case was dismissed based on technicalities. Most of the counts were dismissed because the statute of limitations was blown by Sherry Cooper and the IAM. The rest of the complaint failed because the court ruled that it had no...
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    Nice Article in the Jerusalem Post

    Living the good life in Business/First
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    John Ward

    Not necessarily. Taking from a person's presence is an element of robbery. There are other forms of theft. For example, if your car is taken by a stranger without your permission while you are away from it, it is still stolen, isn't it? That is so even if you leave it with a valet at a...
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    Recall Rights Extended

    Both. The furloughed former TWA flight attendants had to picket their own union and enlist the help of a United States Senator to pressure both the company and the union to think outside the box. Too bad that thousands of probationary AA and former TWA flight attendants junior to 1996, who had...
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    New..TV/Old..TV ?

    I can't help but wonder if your hissy fit on your way back from ZRH was caught on tape. Aren't you on the no fly list yet?
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    John Ward

    Bill, the list was given to her in her capacity as the union president for use by IFFA for union business. She had no legal or moral right to turn it over to the IAM. That was in violation of a confidentiality agreement, an unethical breach of duty and possibly also a violation of law.