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    NWA F/A's Welcome AFA

    Just got word from AFA International that the AFA ratification vote passed. NWA F/A's voted in AFA. Just wanted to welcome you guys.
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    The most JR person to hold this round of recalls is as follows by Date of Hire: PHL AUG 21 2000 Employee #89389 LGA SEP 18 2000 Employee #96066 BOS SEP 18 2000 Employee #96089 To get 200 the company went through 958. A detailed list will be posted soon but for security reasons names...
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    Aw Tables Resolution-agrees To Doh

    This just in from the floor of the AFA BOD meeting in Palm Springs, CA. The America West MEC has "TABLED" the resolution and agreed to a side letter with AFA/USAirways MEC in agreement of DOH. More details forthcoming.
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    Flight Attendant Displacements

    Just came out over Crew Mail: 130 total will be displaced to LGA April 1st, 2005. Of those 130 (50) are active. After several months of trying they could not even get a few people to transfer to LGA. (who can blame's expensive and the trips are horrible) LGA was a Shuttle base and...
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    Flight Cancellations

    I received a call from crew scheduling this afternoon requesting I work my OFF day since they were "critically short." Against my better judgment I decided to chip in and still after 55 more Flight Attendants gave up there OFF time to pitch in, 53 open trips remain open in PHL alone for 12/24...
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    Passing Of Phl F/a

    My heartfelt condolences go out to Warren Richardson's family. Warren was a PHL F/A out on leave. He was a great friend and will be sorely missed. Warren passed away in a plane crash yesterday in Colorado. He was doing the job he loved and his loss will be deep felt. He was active in AFA and...
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    F/a Monthly Obligation

    Well, Ms. Groff (VP of Inflight) didn't waist any time and sent out a CBS this afternoon telling everyone thier flying obigation has been increased by 5 hours across the board and 1 more trip for ITD, effective now. She stated that she hopes this will "offset" and loss of pay. What a hoot!
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    Alpa Code A Phone 9/6 #2

    MEC CODE-A-PHONE UPDATE September 6, 2004 #2 This is Jack Stephan with a second US Airways MEC update for Monday, September 6th, with one new item. The MEC reconvened its meeting this afternoon at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, VA. A motion was proffered this evening to send the...
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    Afa Leaders Meet With Bronner

    US Airways chairman meets with 2nd union Personal diplomacy precedes requests for further concessions TED REED Staff Writer US Airways Chairman David Bronner continued his mission of personal diplomacy with the airline's unions on Monday, meeting with leaders of the flight attendants in...
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    Afa Sues Us Airways......

    For Immediate Release: January 8, 2004 US Airways Flight Attendants File Lawsuit Against Airline Action Aims to Stop Illegal Process Used in Involuntary Furlough of 552 Flight Attendants Adds to Long List of Recent Management-Initiated Clashes Washington, DC -- US Airways flight attendants...
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    A321 Phl-phx Emergency Lands

    Anyone know the story on flight #177 on NOV 15th? A coworker was non-reving and me left a message about a galley fire and landing in IND. I looked up the flight and it did divert to IND at 18:00 last night.
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    F/a Call Network Down

    The F/A & Pilot Call Distribution Network is down. It says the system is overloaded and to call later. This means no F/A is able to get through to scheduling or respond to pages. Lets hope it's an easy fix and fast. No one better get a "No Contact" during this. But talked to scheduling and...
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    Any Word On 757s?....

    Anyone in Maint. know when the reconfiguration is scheduled to begin on the 757s and when the 1st one will reenter service?
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    4 month voluntary furloughees coming back.

    1,400 are due back Dec 1 off the original VF. There will be a VF 8 and I suspect at least 500 more will be either sent to MAA or furloughed in Dec.
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    AFA MEC Resolution

    The following was unanimously passed by the AFA MEC and will be read to the USAirways BOD by the MEC President later this week: The following resolution was unanimously passed at our MEC meeting on Wednesday, July 23. WHEREAS, the US Airways flight attendants did our part to save our airline...
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    PHL becoming more like ORD

    Yeah...clear/hot/humid and SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNINGS FLASHING ACROSS THE TV NEWS. But your right, someone spits o the runway in PHL and everything just comes to a screeching halt.
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    More F/A''s being Furloughed...

    As of Sept 1st, 170 more F/A''s are getting the ax. Vol. Furlough # 7 is out and ready for bid. It never ends....
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    US Airways to discontinue PIT-LGW service in October

    Let Chip respond if he wants without putting words in his mouth and looks who''s talking. You put a negative spin on it. If the route isn''t making MONEY then buh bye. We can use the plane elsewhere to hopefully have a profitable route. Just because it''s PIT doesn''t mean it''s sacred.
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    We have already gone over the uniform travesty at USAirways. I too have noticed the gate agents not wearing name tags. People just don''t give a hoot anymore. There is no pride left and I guess people feel stripped of dignity. I don''t think it can be a security issue because they don''t...
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    US Airways watches fleet size as air travel drags

    By Robert Melnbardis MONTREAL, May 13 (Reuters) - US Airways Group Inc. , which recently emerged from bankruptcy, is reviewing whether it may have to cut back fleet capacity to cope with lower demand for air travel, the company said on Tuesday. David Siegel, president and chief executive of US...