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    Stock Clerks

    What's the scoop on stock room layoffs and bumping? Has Pit been hit pretty hard by this?
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    Hurricane Iam

    Sincerely Dave has said, "... US Airways had a challenging operating environment with disruptions due to summer storms." I say those storms will feel like the calm before the storm when Hurricane IAM hits this week ... :shock: BOB, CLT STORES
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    Employee Pride

    Copied and pasted from the USAirways Employees web site Employees Pride is Keeping US Airways Running Smoothly By Jerry Gobin Under the pressure of pay concessions, higher health benefits and furloughs, What is keeping US Airways running...
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    make a profit?

    .... would US Airways make a profit if we all worked for free for 6 months? I doubt it...
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    New Name for US Airways

    .... how about Doom & Gloom Airways or AlaBubba Air or how about LIQUID-AIR ... motto ... We kin getcha der but mite not getcha back agin
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    Mr. Bronner said that without concessions, we''ll pull the D.I.P. financing and they''re gone. If they do not comply, Mr. Bronner said in the interview, the airline would go out of business and be liquidated in bankruptcy court. What''s their alternative? he asked rhetorically. If they don''t...
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    [img src=''''] It''s job elimination; it''s not productivity, said James Root, president of Charlotte Local 3641 of the Communications Workers of America, which represents customer service agents. There is no way they can make us more...
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    Out Sourcing

    We should have been out-sourcing for good management for the last several years.[img src='''']