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    US Pilot Labor Thread

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    Air Travel Consumer Reports 2008 Link
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    One Warning

    The moderators realize there is going to be a lot of emotion and interest in the DL/NW merger and want everyone to feel free to discuss their feelings and ideas. However, that does not include insults, name calling or anything else that is against board rules. You can discuss things like grown...
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    Delta to follow on $25 second bag

    Cant find any other press release or news article as second verification, but ATW has a note HERE on Delta following UA and US.
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    Woman Wounds Pilots During Flight

    Appearantly New Zealand (currently) doesnt require screening on some domestic flights. Article on Incident
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    US West/ ALPA Week of 12/10-12/16

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    IAM Mechanics Thread 12/10-12/16

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    While we're doing polls tonight

    Any thoughts or comments since report is on the 27th. Predictions?
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    FCFS vs DOH

    Per request..... discuss
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    Spirit Scraps latest promotion

    Hunt for Hoffa article
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    Vision Airlines

    Article on the new Mesa/Phoenix to North Las Vegas service.
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    Big Carriers Call Out Jetblue

    Article on the added competition from US and AA.
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    Airline Ride Across America/Memorial Ride for the crews of 9/11

    Thought the AA people might be interested in this topic.Original posting on US board
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    Airline Ride Across America/Memorial ride for the crews of 9/11

    Link to original discussion Thought the UA people might be interested in this cause.
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    Jetblue Winter Weather Advisory

    Operations Update Last Updated: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:15:00 GMT JetBlue Airways will waive its change fees and any fare differences to allow customers with reservations for travel on Saturday, February 11, to or from Washington/Dulles International Airport, and customers with reservations for...
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    USAirways Storm Advisory

    Snow Storm Advisory Due to severe weather conditions affecting the airports listed below, US Airways will allow passengers traveling to or from the these locations to change their flights. Please check flight information for latest details. Airports Affected by Winter Weather February 10 -...
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    Best Express Carrier

    Per LightYears Request.... Saw the topic from a year or two ago revived, thought a new one was needed. Which one does the best from a customer and employee standpoint. MidAtlantic is not an Express carrier, but the company would like you to think it is so they are included.
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    No Pilots - Part Deux

    Please continue to discuss No Pilots here. Thanks.
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    Corrected old poll and lost transfer voting.
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    West Coast Shut Down

    These are todays listings in the FAA website. Is SCT an FAA site- radar or control for the west coast? Just curious why it would affect traffic from SAN- BUR. GROUND STOPS ARPT TIME FACILITIES REASON BUR 2000 ALL+CANADA OTHER, BRUSH FIRE NEAR SCT: SCT EVACUATION JFK 2000 ZNY2 WX/LOW...