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    Jet Pull

    Too bad it is most likely also the biggest money loser.... it makes money in spite of itself...imagine if it did things even half ass correct... :down:
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    Passenger Receipts Will Only Be Emailed

    deja vu.. sounds a little like the shoe may be on the other foot... remember the late 80`s.. lol
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    I Need Help !

    check with C Eberts...if he is still there ..he was usually pretty good about gettin answers.......
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    Dirty Aircraft

    you know, you blame it on contractors, cuts and about everything else, but i tell you even before all this...the planes were not all that clean... 1st hand i can tell ya..this was 3rd shift....(no particular order) 1. get those snacks and first class meals... 2. many mornins, whole shift...
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    Bronner Optimistic About Future Of Airline After

    no bif..i dont....still 4 flts a gate...and most agts dont travel very far.... reeeeeellllll slowwwwwwww :P
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    Bronner Optimistic About Future Of Airline After

    1st bank 6a..last bank 2200......16hrs 8 flts... 8hr shift...4 ... :up:
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    141 Outsourcing

    any ideas....... 1.clt 2.the jewell 3.pit 4.dca 5.bos 6.lga 7. 8. 9. 10. according to the proposal that we recevied yesterday, only the cities with 56 or fewer flts can be outsourced daily or weekly? :cool:
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    I Think The Cwa Ta Vote Will Be No !

    i am not sure if those on furlough will get a vote, but since it looks like they were not even included in any part of this new t/ guess is that the majority would be a no vote..... good luck.............
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    Cwa Furloughed Employees

    simple... i have 19years..topped out...keep senoirity ....if and when they start recall i go to top of scale....buyout cost maybe 15g..... eliminate as many recalls as possible, and eventually you get new hires... they will make 1/2 or less so the 15g pays off right away.. i would sign in a...
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    Stop Blaming Us Air Pilots

    yo robbed...time out.... pilots are highly trained and without a doubt should be on the top of the fee scale. next you have mtc...they are also highly trained and should be compensated accordingly. of course they could definetly streamline mtc, but you still need mtc . now the rest of...
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    Bronner's Bet/article

    With a little overtime, so does utility
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    Strike Support

    mister pretender (as u name implies) u got 757 from eastern in 1989/90 and psa airmotive was shut down in 1992/3 with all the rb211 tooling sold to aviall inc. the iam fought in court the company about 737 cfm o/h and lost in court; that is why the company farmed out cfm engine work is done by a...
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    Strike Support

    correct me if i am wrong here, but isn`t this a thread about outsourcing? if so..why has the iam-m or afa not gotten a bug up there a@@ in regards to the other issues of express cities, sars. kiosk..etc... could it be that afa could care less as long as those 279 a/c keep...
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    Known Scheduling Problems

    tadjr, actually it has been much longer than 3-4 years....the same concerns were echoed as far back as the rein of Ron R, Ron F. and Anita.....all called marketing/international regarding same, especially since at the time there was a 2p daily phl flt....seemed to have fallen on deaf ears...
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    Any Word On 757s?....

    Considering a trip to LAS at some point this fall/winter. I can't fathom it on US (no way I'm risking no upgrade on one of these slave-ship configurations). Of course, with AA losing their minds on 757s as well, it'll become a type that VFFs avoid like the plauge. what a bummer.... :o
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    Furlough Flight Benefit Questions

    the copy of contract i have(cwa) has flt benefits up to three years..recall rights were extended from 3 years to 4..... :ph34r:
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    From the IAM 141m web site

    When the 757s, 767s, were purchased by Piedmont, several test benches came in for these aircraft avionics, then the merger came. Because of the merger any new test equipment, or new types of work were put on hiatus until the company (Pittsburgh at the time) could figure out what they owned and...
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    Heard there is gonna be a third flight to Aruba?

    ---------------- On 8/7/2003 9:31:32 PM xoxo wrote: I recently heard that US is gonna add another flight to Aruba, in about 4 months from now. How can US be adding all these routes but still doing involuntary furloughs? I just do not understand this. ---------------- possibly due to reduced...