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    and now WN ads on the side of thier planes say bags fly free here -pointing towards their cargo door poeplle think its still cheaper to fly WN to bos over US.Great marketing..
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    AS starts STL-SEA will AA handle them

    Another route taken by are sis AS im sure we will codeshare.
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    AA closing SJU hub according to Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation article

    Maybe their is something to this i heard that a big wig from sju went with hat in hand to WN and is trying to convince them to open a hub in SJU.Hmmm.
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    PDT looking for whistle blowers?

    And PDT loses ground contract in STL.Whats goin on at PDT?
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    Summer 2010: New Routes

    When i see all these new routes i think of the WN commercial- Thank you St louis. :ph34r:
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    Ex-TWA flight attendants threaten to work during American Airlines strike

    Wow if that did did happen it would make me fly AA again--go for it. :up:
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    Farewell, Red Tail

    i will miss NW orient too.I wish i could turn the clock back and have NW and TWA merge they seemed alot alike both rest in peace. :up:
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    POLL: The US Airways name?

    trust me aafsc Us does not want to merge with AA.AA has flea`s after the TWA fiasco.US sounds better as an airline name they seem to care more than AA about people_and thats saying alot.Here is to US staying single. :up:
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    KC TV station says MCIE closing by next summer

    remember stl mci 100% senority to twa only. what stations do you think go first!STL was making money they AA chose to run from it.AA cool aid drinkers calm down .
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    Will Oneworld lose JAL?

    [Arpey and the gang better hire Tony Soprano to get JAL to play ball.We see how gerry handled the STL fiasco -Thats another story.Have a lovely day. :ph34r:
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    Trans States orders 50 MRJs

    AX orders 50 MRJs and ops for 50 more first on 2014. Intersting.
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    F/C in CRJs?

    Hey jimntx let me tell you something it should have been AA pull out and leave AX in.They AX was making AAs hubs ORD MIA DFW look bad in all catagories.Ill put AX numbers against AAs anyday. :down:
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    STL "rightsizing"

    [Yes its true.Good riddance to AA lets hope someone comes in to bear the low hanging fruit still there.Funny when asked why STL took the biggest hit again AA says nothing.Lets hope STL has nowhere to go but up.Look for people to boycott AA in STL.FF flyers talk with their pocketbook. :down:
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    STL-XNA ends Nov 18th.STL-MKE loses one eagle down to 2 a day. :down:
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    WN starts stl-msp 2 flts a day and stl-bos 2 flts a day..Quiz--how long till AA drops routes? routes start Jan 10 2010.
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    United To Lay Off Bag Handlers At Lambert

    its sad ua didnt have a chance in stl with ax having ops in stl. all thats left in stl is go jet and transstates.
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    NEw service from PIT to LAx and SFO

    hard to believe at one time us and TWA had nonstops to lax TWA L :rolleyes: 1011s 707s and us 727s ahh the past.
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    Winter Sched Changes

    AAAAhhh yes the pull down of STL continues.I wish they would just quit amputating the city and just get going with the pulldown alltogether.Like with the 717s they will wish they kept this hub when ORD goes away. :down:
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    Summer 2009 Schedule Changes

    I seem to remember 16 daily flights STL-MCI on 727 md 80 L-1011.And still had to fly Ozark because our flights were full!
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    Summer 2009 Schedule Changes

    ROW-LAX starts AUG 4 times a week good way to bridge erj s to lax.Interesting :shock: