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    321 to Hawaii

    Noticing that El Niño winter storms are finally taking grasp on legs to the islands. All the carriers seem to be well below 400 knots ground speed and flights from LAX to islands are in excess of 6 hours. What are the load restrictions like if any right now? I imagine some of the rides might...
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    US Pricing

    So I am booking a flight from CLT-LAX on Jan 3 returning Jan 6. Yahoo Fare search gives me $364 R/T on Orbitz. Wanting to minimize any fees, I look at my chosen flight routing (necessitated by work schedule), leaving CLT at 5:40, connecting in PHX to arrive in LAX at 11:30. I look up on...
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    New Life For The Pit Hub?
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    The Next Step In Outsourcing News
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    November Traffic Up

    Well, the company has reported traffic is up 8.3% on 1.6% less capacity. The most interesting thing is there was not the standard blurb from BBB about "leisure traffic remaining strong and business traffic continuing to lag behind." I have no idea what this means, but I am always nervous when...
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    Nucor Vs. U Management

    This was started in a different thread that was closed, so I'll start a new one here to keep the discussion going. Cavalier said: YEP...the executives fill their pockets with change rapidly by violating every contract they signed at U. YEP unions fault on that account too...YEP I agree again...
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    Economy Grew @ a 2.4% Rate In 2Q

    There is not a whole lot of news here to tell you the truth. Once again consumer spending is driving the economy and keeping it above water. Without significant business investment and spending, it cannot continue forever. As for business travel, I expect demand to remain below what we saw in...
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    Washington Post Column

    Maybe we should hire this guy to run our vaunted marketing department. This one column says more about this airline of ours than I have seen marketing do in 10 years.
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    ALPA Pension Solution --- Suggestions?

    This whole pension debate on this board has turned into us vs. them, and we are starting to lose focus. Many are saying Dave is either greedy or reneging on a promise. Let me post this: Does anyone have a proposal for a solution to make everyone happy? We must all agree that the pension...
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    If U can do it..what about Personal Bankruptcy

    Personal bankruptcy is a pretty drastic step. That seems to be a last resort option. I would look at maybe picking up some extra part-time income first, re-analyzing their budgets (are they really bare bones?), then looking at some sort of credit counseling to try and work with those creditors...
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    J4J Question - Chip

    Chip, A friend of mine and I had a discussion yesterday about Jets for Jobs, and specifically how it applies at Freedom Air. ALPA seems to continue to be dead set against Freedom, and although they have agreed to J4J (ir the company has, depending on who you ask), ALPA is telling furloughed US...
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    Interesting read, but is anyone in the Crystal Palace listening?

    Found this on the Op/Ed page from Yahoo! Is it any coincidence that Southwest is real similar to the dicussion of Nucor in the study? How long can this company keep performing if the employees are getting kicked in the teeth almost daily? Poor leadership leads to layoffs Thu Nov 21, 7:40 AM ET...
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    Thank you sir, may I have another!

    Jeesh, the hits keep on coming. Starting to make my upcoming furlough look like a vacation.[BR][BR][A href=][/A]
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    Since we own Ual. Why not run it.

    ---------------- On 11/4/2002 5:26:43 AM atabuy wrote: Revenues can no longer support the top management people at Ual. These are the jobs that must be eliminated in order to get costs in line with revenues. Not eliminating real productive jobs which union and non union employees do...
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    Where art thou RJs?

    Alright, when do we see some announcements about additional regional jet flying? They are the supposed savior, so where are they? MDA is still some time off (until Chap. 11 emergence, which puts them March or April at the earliest, then certification issues if it is the EMB-170), PSA and maybe...
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    ATTENTION Membership of D.L. 141-M 2ND round

    Well said Cav. Either we get this thing done, and then move on to fighting on who we want representing us, or the judge throws the contract out and the company does what it wishes. Some say then we strike and the airline closes its doors. Remember, Dave has done everything he has said he...