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    Lousy Customer Service in Rez

    Had codeshare flight on Cathay Pacific with an AA flt number. Tried to do an electronic checkin and check seat etc, with Cathay, but NO NO NO. Since I had an AA codeshare ticket I have to check in at the airport. Cathay rez doesn't work Sundays either. Tried to check in on the AA site. NO NO NO...
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    $70 Oil Business Plan

    So, how's the "new U" business plan work at $70 oil?
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    Mda To Republic Assets only, or employees too . . . article is not very specific.
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    Cnn Lou Dobbs' Quote Of The Day By Delta

    DOBBS: And our quote of the day tonight comes from a Delta spokesman. When we asked Delta about the decision to export this critically important maintenance work to Canada, Delta's response was telling. "The work in Canada is domestic. Because it's North America, that is part of our domestic...
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    Opec President Sees No Problem With $60 Oil

    "$50 oil will not play a big role in slowing up growth of the economy. Some analysts say even $60 oil will play a small role in affecting growth," said OPEC President Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahd al-Sabah of Kuwait. Looks like $50-60 oil is going to be the new benchmark. Predictions anyone? US Air -...
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    What's Arpey's Next Move?

    Given the huge loss in 2004 and the projection of more losses in 2005 due to ongoing depressed revenues and continued very high oil prices, what's Arpey going to do with American Airlines? 1. Shift the burden of fuel costs to employees with another round of wage and productivity take-backs...
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    Usa Today: Sw Threatens In Pit

    Disregard. Old news.
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    Sw Thinks U Is A Non-factor In It's Pit Decision? Also, Seth made the Boyd website . . . see
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    Jb Pushing For Repealing 8 Hour Rule

    Is there any truth that JB is pushing to have the FAA to abandon it's 8 hour flight time in 24 rule? I also hear the pilots are acquiesing to managements push.