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    LAS delays due to runway closure?

    Just wait, in 5 years from now, they are going to take 25R/7L out for the same thing. THAT SHOULD BE FUN!!!!
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    New City -Just announced, dontcha know

    I just listened to the Red Belly Radio and I got the distinct impression that there are going to be a few more flights coming to MSP in the VERY NEAR future.
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    More New Flights

    DTW does not have slots. WN could expand at any time.
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    More New Flights

    I feel WN should have at least 2 nonstops, but definitely 1 to LAS from DTW. DEN and TPA should get 1 also. Where is PRV??
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    Midwest grounds MD80s

    I was searching for a LAS-MKE trip in December and it still shows all 3 LAS flight operating with MD80 a/c. These are all supposed to be gone long before December, so does anyone know when Midwest plans on loading their flight changes?
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    It looks like SWA is getting close to announcing a codeshare to Canada, according to the Chicago Tribune and a quote for Gary Kelly himself. The article kind of makes it sound like the deal is done, just waiting to announce it sometime this summer. I guess that would be NOW. C'mon and spill...
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    Station Closure?

    It is official that US will go down to 74 flights a day in September. The really, really scary part is that when Kirby was in LAS for the emergency LVCVA/tourist meeting, he stated that there were more flight cuts coming, but they had yet to be loaded in to the system. I am guessing that US is...
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    Not all Airline Employees hate their jobs and making the best of a late flight

    He is 555. Operations Agent. One too many bin door bumps there Ramper? :lol: :rolleyes:
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    Frontier files for Chapter 11 reorganization...

    It sounds like F9 management offered them 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. What a choice. :blink:
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    Frontier files for Chapter 11 reorganization...

    I was wondering if there is any news about some D.I.P. financing for Frontier? :huh:
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    Flight Cuts

    Haven't the LAS flight cuts already been announced? The big cut is early September, I believe. Now, I have also heard a rumor that another 20 flights will be cut in LAS, on top of those already announced. These are absolutely crazy times in the aviation industry and I pray for every one...
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    I bet Skywest is drooling at the fact that Mesa could possibly fold. I would imagine Skywest may be best suited to step in. just my thoughts.......
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    las vegas hub to close

    SWA is building a new F/A crew base off of gate C1, it is going to be a 3 story structure and is supposedly going to allow the LAS base to become SWA's largest crew base. Back to the topic, I have asked a couple of sources within the DOA at LAS and it is rumored, obviously, that SWA is taking...
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    las vegas hub to close

    PHX vs. DEN = PIT vs. PHL.... We know who lost and who will...... Sad to say but..... And to a certain extent, the same would go for LAX vs LAS. LAX has too much International and business traffic and would probably trump LAS.
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    las vegas hub to close

    And maybe 2 gates also......SWA supposedly going to take 2 more "B" gates when the walkway is done. It is extremely hard to shrink into profitability. just my thoughts..........
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    Are any of these cities being cut with the flight reductions in September??
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    Hubs, route structure, etc

    LAS frequencies are also being cut to PHX, LAX, ORD, ATL, DTW and SFO. MESA will be flying some LAS-PHX/LAX/SEA runs also.
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    las vegas hub to close

    LAS is losing 22 flights. The total will now be 92 combined with mainline and express. A few cities lose a flight or 2 and some completely lose nonstop LAS service like COS, OAK, and TUS.
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    Hubs, route structure, etc

    WOH! WOH! WOH! WCT I am not attacking anything to do with the East vs West argument of US and AWA. I was going with PHX stands to POSSIBLY lose a FEW flights IF the LCC and UAUA merger goes through as to the type of traffic that LCC currently moves at PHX. That was all. just my...
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    Hubs, route structure, etc

    SWA does more O & D traffic in PHX than LCC. LCC has a much higher transfer pax rate than SWA in PHX. That works for both of them for now, but IF UA and LCC hook up, then PHX will have to lose some flights due to less transfer traffic. just my thoughts.........