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    Us Airways Says Woes Increasing, Cites Fuel

    Simply put, it is the same reason most people select regular grade gas vs mid and premium. It is only about a .05 between the grades but that difference is what make regular the highest seller. Unfortunately when one raises ticket fares there is always someone that screws it all up by not joining.
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    Those Who Fail To Change...

    The Real problem is not only did the industry change but the Government has not allowed the natural process of change to take place. They have proped up carriers that do not need to be probe up and have allowed the BK process to advantage mis managed Airlines. That is the fundemental change...
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    Us Airways Watch – 9/28/04

    The real question is not, not having a job, but rather not having a U job. Tons of former U employees working at JBLU and others. All starting at the bottom again but still working. U's management has so trashed the company and industry (with its antics) that working for those wages at an...
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    More Section 1113(e) Information

    Beat them until they give in and then beat them until they conform and then beat them until they forget! Some people have a low tolerance for pain and therefore at the sign of a beating they jump straight to the last step. (USA320) Others have memories that never fade, as such, they break away...
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    Us Airways: Pay Cut Is Only Hope

    I doubt that, you only care about what is good for yourself. If It does not go the way a320 wants it it is bad. You are very hypocrytical, arrogant, self serving. Wasnt long ago when I remember Old A320 crying about how he other jobs lined up and how critical he was of former leadership when...
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    1113e Filed - Check 800- Usdaily

    This is a sad state! I just listened to Chris Rock and he mad a very good point. "Money has turned into our god" We dont care about people anymore. Creditors are telling us how to live and they define who we are. The financial experts have become our priests and preachers. They are the...
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    Lakefield Letter

    Benefits...................Benefits..................We dont need no stinkin benefits!!! :shock:
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    Company Provides Alpa With New Proposal

    Puts you in one of those Chess situations. Check, I have to move to king but I am going to lose the queen! Damit Jim! :blink:
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    When Will Usairways File Chapter 7 ?

    Dont think it will happen in the immediate future. Reasons, You have a very anti-labor administration in office and it is election time. Would be very bad for a company as large a Usairways to go away, especially one with this much media coverage. Do you actually think the ATSB give was a...
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    Usairways Loses Loans For 100 Rj's!

    Ouch guys! Looks like that liquid drano is starting to work! Regardless of who poured it, I wish you all well! Hope that link worked, if not you might need to cut and paste it, sorry.
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    Alpa Negotiator Speaks Out

    USA320, I hope you actually read this part of your post and take a good look in the mirror. Troblemakers are in the eye of the troubled. Doing such as you hope or suggest in your hopeing is the problem of most unethical business today. Do as I say and not as I do is the mantra. Hope your...
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    Delta's Counter Us Airways Announcement

    Lets see, DAL has issued a counter in FLL, Spirit has issued a counter, Airtran has isued a cunter, swa has issued a different counter by increasing service into PHL. Seems like the saturate andsuffocate theory is in effect. LCC's competing against LCC's its about time! :D
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    Ua To Dump Mesa As Express Carrier?

    Capecod, I think that the jist of this thread is that at Mesa you get what you pay for. MESA is the lowest bidder and therefore cant or provide the type of service that is needed. Dont blame U for poor service at out stations when it is most likely Mesas fault for agreeing to the outsourced...
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    Fll Announcement On Monday At 10:30

    USA320 Point taken but the fact of the matter is you are both losing money. It is just a matter of who has more to lose. US does not have a deal yet with its employees. You said it best when you said "with a competitive cost structure, how cares?" You have to get a cost structure first that...
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    Fll Announcement On Monday At 10:30

    Actually I think the competition is directly with AA as US is tapping on the mia feed from AA toall of these destinations. It is also in direct competiton with JBLU's feed to FLL and their enevitible expansion into the Caribbean from JFK and or FLL. It is clearly an attempt to fill airport...
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    American And Ual Willing To Drop Ord Flights

    Whats really compunding the problem is the RJ issue and fact that the other cariers are filling in the spaces and the govt isnt doing anything about that. Seems like a Govt branded forced competition. First AA re shuffels the hub Result UAL fills in the Gaps with 2-3% increase in flights...
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    Proposed Apfa Agenda

    It is about time someone really started thinking about the future of your jobs. In my opinion you should be talking with the pilots on this one and do everything you can to bring Eagle under the AA fold. ALL PILOTS, FA'S AND MECH'S!!! The battle we face is the growth of Eagle at the expense...
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    To Usa320pilot

    USA320pilot, Let me begin by stating that you really need change your attitude a little. You really come off as being a bum kissing yes man with no integrity. It is just as easy for those of us at other carriers to take your stance on a broader plane. eg. Your stance: Give what the company...
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    Us Airways' Biggest Union:

    One last thing, I hit the button too soon. Think about this UAL is 80ys old Jetblue is 4yrs old AA is about the 80 yrs SWA is 30+ DAL is around 75 yrs and Airtran is about 10 Everything was great when Ali fought Frazier but put Ali against Tyson.......... Ali still fighting today is a losing...
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    Us Airways' Biggest Union:

    unfortunately all of the legacy carriers have gotten the south beach mentality. That is that Plastic surgery is the cure for everything. You can cut off all the fat you want and install all the silicone you want but in the end you are still older and your health is even more at risk. You care...