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    Re-Regulate the Airline Industry

    This may be the only way at this point to restore the confidence of the Pax,lenders and investors to keep this industry going...Many public service industries are regulated and the public is happy with the results...To not do so at this point could have a tremendous ripple effect that the...
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    A great little intro-if you have a good sound card showing some PSA and Piedmont comercials...and maybe a lesson or two...[img src='''']
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    The Flying Experience-How to make People Want to Fly !!!

    Aside from all the problems that have been discussed about revenue and cost''s is the fact that Pax are choosing not to fly for various reasons...I believe an effort should be made from FA input and even ATO staff about ways to make the Flying experience better for the Pax...That way the word of...
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    Day of Reckoning-The Judge

    My take on this whole situation is that Dave and U are trying to do everything they can to prove to the BK court that U is a going concern and will emerge succesfully next year...Unfortunatley he''s not getting help from revenues, the economy and pending Iraq war to prove his case...thats why...
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    Embraer to increase production

    According to a story on posting usairways is going to aquire 465 rj''s worth about 2 billion dollars...I guess that would result in some growth at U...(I think some of the ordering is from affiliates)
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    SWA nets 74 million CAL only loses 37 mil

    These are examples of the side of the ledger we need to be on and they''re strategy is not shrinking the airline...It has been a strategy of small but consistent growth and good marketing and great customer service...Shrinking the airlines revenue stream immediately to reduce future fixed costs...
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    Airtran Starts Pit-Mco and Phl-Rsw in Jan and Feb

    Looks like another assault on U''s bread and butter...The only proven way to shrink is into oblivion...U better decide where to make a stand before there is nothing left to stand on...Having PHL PIT CLT or anything else does you no good if you drop out of FLA mkt...Thats one of the destinations...
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    Change of control provision in CWA contract

    If there is a change of control of the company(merger,sale,etc.),the hourly rates of pay in this agreement shall be increased back to the rates ,which would have been effective following the Pay Parity adjustment in June 2002...I dont know if this is in all the agreements but would be of...
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    Internet Passenger Support classification

    Now here is an idea that could not have eminated from any of U's current call centers.. How much success has U had filling new hire positions at our currently bloated wages...I would say only 50 of the last 500 employess that successfuly appied for the position are still here after 2 yrs...This...
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    Just recieved CWA voting instruction sheet in home mail

    Deadline for voting is 5pm Tuesday, September 17 you can choose telephone vote or internet...This was single sheet sent by American Arbitation Association...No inhouse counting thats good... Choices---Yes I accept the proposed changes to the CWA contract No,I do not accept the proposed...
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    FF''s get their tier qual restored [img src=''''] [img src=''''] [img src=''''] CWA and Company get a TA [img...
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    Attorneys Smell Big Payday

    With Union and Company attorneys all convincing their clients (CWA IAM USAir) position is right...unless the judge has some law limiting lawyers fees in BK...These attorneys see a guaranteed payday from the judge and being paid by the hour will drag this out for eternity...In the end well get...
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    Feedback from pax on day 3

    On new ticketing policy for General sales type calls I recieved absolutely no complaints or questions regarding new policy...Most pax intended to travel on dates reserved and understood they would call to change before the scheduled flts...No big deal For US 1 typecalls once they know you have...
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    USA Today Article Business Sec. Page 3 on US Airways

    quote" I''ts still unclear whether other airlines will follow the policy...US Airways says it will retreat if none of it''s competitors match..." Dont know who they were quoting from U...Any guesses??? I do think everybody did a good job of getting their points made...And we in res are stuck...
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    Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition responds to new ticketing initiative

    Hey After the CWA and IAM are thrown out maybe they could organize the Frequent Flyers for U...2 million potential dues payers...They could file a motion with the judge to get their perks back...[:)] Itrade will be the lead attorney...have your checkbooks out and ready...
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    Hi All

    Anyone know the specifics of retro date...has anyone had back pay taken out???