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    Frontier CEO UndercoverBoss this week

    CBS I think, Sundays at 900p
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    Frontier CEO UndercoverBoss this week

    This weeks Undercover Boss is Frontier's CEO. Do you think Doug would ever consider this and would anyone want him to?
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    MDT- Customer Service

    ALB has always been mainline and I believe SYR also
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    Capital City Name Game

    ALB Albany, New York
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    We have found the best way to work with shares is to go next door to AA and look up any reroutes you need on SABRE and then come back and direct sell them into shares. Thank God AA is good enough to let us work on a computer system and then figure out a way to dump it into the nightmare we are...
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    Hang In There Agents

    Thank you for noticing and you have hit it exactly right - most of the time we are under pressure to get the flight out on time even though we are rebooking 40-50 people from a cancelled/delayed flight and we do not have the tools to do our job easily. This computer system is the worst thing I...
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    Flight cancalation reason

    Even in the oh so wonderful shares system, we are not showing reason for cancellation. I kinda like not having a reason - I can not put everyone up at night no reason given, then it must be something under our control and the pax wins. However even when it shows cancelled in the system, it...
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    Update on ALPA Executive Council Meeting

    I hope that when the pilots start their playing hookey and causing flight cancellations that they take into consideration who will be the ones hurt by this - not the company but the customer service agents who are already drowning by trying to work with this so called computer system that dates...
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    Shares vs. Sabre

    The standby list at the gate is horrible - too much info and no way to clear people further down the list. If you only have one seat and the first on the list is a party of two that won't split you have to have a supervisor redo the list in order to clear the next in line. But the worst thing...
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    CWA/IBT letter to Doug

    Correct me if I am wrong but senior people just got a 1.00 raise when the pay freeze was lifted last year. We down at the bottom of the pay scale got nothing except for the westies and mainline express to bring them to our starting level. I have seven years with this company and between...
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    QIK Over Shares. Enhancements Ditched?

    I can't wait for the cutover in March- we still don't even have QIK installed on our gate computers yet. So what happens in March? The system goes down and how do we cope at the gates with no computers? The system is a nightmare at the ticket counter. I still go to native Sabre for anything...
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    Yellow Tag Pulled Because Of The Cockroach Tag?

    Piney, I was furloughed from US after 9/11 and went to work for a competitor. While there, I was involved with the safety audit team and went to different airports to monitor the safety of the station. The one thing that really stuck out to me was that in training we were taught that if there...
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    The New Plane=livery

    Any word yet on who will fly the new plane? And how the employees were chosen? I would think it would be a big honor for the pilots and f/a that are given the first flight for the new airline.
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    Philty Philly

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    Why Won't Aa Extend Furlough Passes?

    Light years, your recall is different from others at US. I am furloughed CWA-airport agent and we only have recall for 4 years with travel for 3. I lost my travel last year and will loose recall this year. I wish our union had negotiated the same as yours with forever recall. I will never...
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    Furlough Flight Benefits

    I also was furloughed from airport, CWA in 2001. Originally, flight benefits were for 2 years but in one of the concessions it was extended to 3 years and recall to 4 years. So I believe flight benefits expired last year and recall expires this year. Of course, I have heard nothing from the...
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    Never Too Late

    As a condition of its equity investment, ACE has obtained commitments which will result in five-year commercial agreements with the newly-merged entity regarding maintenance services, ground handling, regional jet flying, network, training, and other areas of cooperation. It is expected that...
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    New Uniform?

    Just please please whatever the new uniform is make it affordable to purchase. And don't make us continue to pay for the old US uniforms. I still have a big balance and have been told that when my recall rights run out in Oct. that I will be billed for them. Don't see that happening - I...
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    You Must Follow Your Union Rules Doh

    I am just curious how many years has US been flying and how many for HP? Maybe intergrate based on comparable years x difference in length of flying? for example if US has been flying 10 yrs longer than HP then add 10 yrs of service to the HP employee and then intergrate equally. Would that...