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  1. eolesen

    First " HYDROXY ", now a useless cure for Covid !

    Huh. So it turns out that a generic drug anyone can manufacture without infringing on patents and that Moderna, Pfizer, A-Z and J&J can't price gouge on is now an effective treatment? Shocker. I have to wonder how many people died because the Loony Left was so intent at proving Trump wrong at...
  2. eolesen

    " STRIKE THREE " ( ATL ), YOU'RE O U T !!!

    Irrefutable proof would mean that it actually was litigated and investigated. So far, not a single court case proceeded, mainly over standing which is a judge's way out when they don't want to get involved in something. The AZ audit is the first actual investigation and audit. Everything else...
  3. eolesen

    United Considering Outsourcing Catering

    Doesn't WN still maintain commissary as an in-house function? That's essentially catering... United's a unique case -- before the merger, CO still had the Chelsea Food Services subsidiary with kitchens at EWR, IAH, CLE, HNL and DEN, while UA had outsourced its catering entirely about 15-20...
  4. eolesen

    RUDY GHOULIANI gets RAIDED by the FEDS ! Oh My !

    Cohen?... The guy who the media was convinced was the smoking gun in the Mueller investigation that eventually found no wrong-doing?... The guy who tried to spin a deal as a way of getting leniency, and wound up with less credibility than Michael Avenatti?... You do know how to pick 'em, Bears.
  5. eolesen

    RUDY GHOULIANI gets RAIDED by the FEDS ! Oh My !

    It's a nice distraction from Kerry violating the Logan Act with the Iranians...
  6. eolesen

    The rich are different from you and me.

    Looks good, but I doubt they'll ever be rolled out fleet-wide. CX had planned to send about 40% of their fleet into long term storage in Australia (near Alice Springs), and their schedule is still a shadow of what it used to be. Aside from COVID, airlines had already been pulling back HKG...
  7. eolesen

    RUDY GHOULIANI gets RAIDED by the FEDS ! Oh My !

    Meh. More guilt by accusation, or just harassment by the Feds. It's part of the game of politics when Dems are in control. Interestingly they apparently didn't take the copy of Hunter Biden's laptop when it was offered up.
  8. eolesen

    TSA Kicks the Can on Real-ID to 2023

    I've lost track of the deferrals and extensions.... Real ID was passed in 2005, and has been delayed multipe times. In the most recent deadline, it was supposed to go into effect on 01 Oct 2021, but now it's 03 May 2023....
  9. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    <sigh> Actually, the process of getting a drivers license or registering to vote is almost identical to the steps you go thru to buy a firearm. They check your ID. They take your money. In the case of the firearm, they then check with the NICS (something I wish they'd do with voting...
  10. eolesen

    Employee Sues Airline For Husbands Death

    Yep, there's no other reasonable way that a 65+ year old FA or 70+ year old man could have caught COVID except at work...
  11. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    Uh, the gang bangers are already buying them in parking lots... and will continue to do so regardless of any new background check laws. In Illinois, you're required to have a Firearm Owner ID issued by the State Police to buy ammunition or even possess a firearm. The bangers don't care...
  12. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    At the same time Liberals want restrictions on legal gun owners, they'll push for Bail Reform that literally hands the guy busted for a gun crime a "get out of jail free" card and Policing Reform that handcuffs police instead of the people committing the crime.
  13. eolesen

    American appears to have eliminated Basic Economy fares

    Since I work for an airline, discussing fares is off limits with other airline employees... I still have a laminated card from American that says that.
  14. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    To KC, those 26 Sandy Hook lives apparently matter more because they were all white, while the 183 from Chicago this year are mostly brown or black. Start killing white people, and suddenly guns are the problem?... That's the hypocrisy when it comes to Liberals and their war on "gun nuts"...
  15. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    Huh. Not a single word about the gun death in Kansas City? Guess that shows where your heart and priorities are, KC.... That's because Chicago seems to be the gun crime capitol of the country. I'd say 183 gun deaths and 195 homicides four months into the year is a pretty damning statistic...
  16. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    What's your acceptable number of dead kids in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, etc? In the last two weeks, we've seen a seven year old killed in a drive-thru at a Chicago McDonalds and a three year old in Miami was killed at his own birthday party... There's also been a one year old, six year old...
  17. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    Nah, I don't think it's responsible to be handling a dangerous tool that I haven't been trained on. Nor do I think it's responsible to be making broad brush statements about how dangerous it is or isn't. We made gun safety and handling a key part of the Scout calendar in every Troop I was...
  18. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    KC Translated: "It's OK to ignore the 99.9% of homocides I don't want to talk about.... let's focus on that remaining 0.1% that helps me promote a narrative...."
  19. eolesen

    Uh OH. Looks like Matt Gaetz is a DIDDLER !!

    This whole story has been all hat no cattle. All sizzle no steak All fart no turd All bark no bite
  20. eolesen

    Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin

    Go take a CCW class and let us know how your "opinion" changes on that asininely stupid statement. Better yet... I can easily show you where CCW's stopped events underway. Maybe you can find some data to back up your assertion that CCW holders in a situation like only make it more dangerous...