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    The rich are different from you and me.

    They have lots of money. Click here ot see some of Cathay Pacifics refit of First Class. Judging from the amount of floor space that one "cabin" takes up, the tickets will be very expensive. Cathay Pacific First Class refit.
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    Employee Sues Airline For Husbands Death

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    American appears to have eliminated Basic Economy fares

    Had no idea this news would create such a fuss among the masses!
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    American appears to have eliminated Basic Economy fares

    Example Market: The fares are still available but are listed in regular Economy. Anybody know whats going on in the cheap fare category? Cranky Flyer found this anomaly on LAX-PHX route.
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    Southwest vs Alaska on West Coast

    Hey now...Some of the stuff at Dollar General is actually worth a dollar.
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    United To Hire More Pilots

    Never mind. According to Yahoo, these are increased business hires. Good for United!
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    United To Hire More Pilots

    Do you know if this is "increased business", or did United have a bunch of mandatory (age-related) retirements that had to be replaced? Just about all airlines have bunches of age-related vacancies that need to be dealt with.
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    United's stance if you test positive for COVID abroad

    Look on the bright side. Note the first 5 words in the United email....."Travelers arriving in the U.S." Sounds like if you get stranded, you will already be back in the States.
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    This is so much BS, it's hard to know where to start. Point 1: The Japanese guy is from nowhere near Venus. A waitress at Denny's here in Dallas told me he's from Uranus. She aught to know. She's a Qanon.
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    Trip Report: BOS-CLT-BOS, 2/15-2/20

    Now how many times have you posted or read a post asking people to stick to the topic or why did they post an item about some airline (not American) and its purchase of Russian passenger craft? :rolleyes::p
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    Trip Report: BOS-CLT-BOS, 2/15-2/20

    Which airline?
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    Donald Trump is no longer part of SAG-AFTRA

    Maybe. Maybe not. If the occupied rooms become unoccupied because of Donald trying to make permanent residence for himself, but no one else they may have to kick out Donald in order to pay the bills. You know rich folks don't like being played for a sucker, and they have enough money to...
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    OH NO. The ORANGE-MORON is Losing Money FAST !

    Trump International Hotels is the name of the business entity that owns all the hotels. When someone writes it in the singular and leaves off the "s" in hotels, it makes it seem that they are referring to a particular hotel Now that English class is over, back to maligning the poor boy.
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    Stock Offering

    Remember that Mr. Warren Buffett, probably the most respected stock investor in the world, had been investing in the market for years before he ever bought airline stock. IIRC, he kept it less than a year before selling it at a loss. So, before following in the tracks of one of the richest men...
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    Question for Flight Crew

    It's not conversation that the company would recommend be heard from employees in such situations. There are documented cases of passengers (wrongly) interpreting such comments as frivolous.
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    M&A Talks And Rumors Start Their Rounds

    Think about how many jobs would be lost if Frontier and SWA got hitched up. I don't think any airline wants to make a move (nor would it be desired by the politicians) that would require massive number posted on Page 1 of employees losing their jobs. If SWA had moved a year ago (thereby...
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    Question for Flight Crew

    Just guessing ((I've been retired for almost 3 years). There is an issue in medical emergencies on board. If flight lands while passenger still alive, it falls on the aiirport to do the reportingl. If patient dies before landing the airlines' responsibility. Problem gets messier depending...
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    New early out offer coming?

    Bad post due to trying to make MS Edge and an editing field work with no mouse. Just remember, you are dealing with a man who told all of you (shortly after I retired 3 y ears ago that "American will never lose money again." (and we are laying off employees to prove that point.