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    The rich are different from you and me.

    They have lots of money. Click here ot see some of Cathay Pacifics refit of First Class. Judging from the amount of floor space that one "cabin" takes up, the tickets will be very expensive. Cathay Pacific First Class refit.
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    American appears to have eliminated Basic Economy fares

    Example Market: The fares are still available but are listed in regular Economy. Anybody know whats going on in the cheap fare category? Cranky Flyer found this anomaly on LAX-PHX route.
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    Alaska replaces almost all AB aircraft

    Alaska has decided to cleanse itself of almost all AB aircraft. (Translated into English...a Bunch of 737 MAX aircraft became available at a good price.):)
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    Cranky Flyer's take on American's approach to Basic Economy Read, then we'll discuss. I get where he says "slightly softer, but blunter approach", but it may be a litle too subtle for average traveler to catch.
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    Wow, there is life after death!

    AAL closed today at $17.21. I was beginning to think it would never get above $10 again. As I said in the Frontier forum about their return to life, it's hard to kill an airline.
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    Are the big airlines trying to kill multi-city ticketing?

    Interesting pricing anomaly found by Brett Snyder (Cranky Flyer) Anybody have an explanation? BRETT SNYDER recently ran an online search for flights from Washington Reagan to Dallas-Fort Worth to San Francisco and then back to Washington. He found something strange. If he booked the three legs...
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    More Cranky Flyer news

    Not all totally bad. Just some up, some down some questionable American Files January Schedule, Kills Some Small Cities For Good American’s January schedule is out, and it has seats cut a little over 48 percent. I didn’t see anything overly exciting in there at first blush, but there was...
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    Cranky Flyer gives us more bad news

    (Every thing from here to "round-trip ticket" is copied from a Cranky Flyer column.) American Cuts Europe Again and Much More It’s a dark cloud descending over the Atlantic for American. London sees further cuts between December 1 and January 5 with Charlotte, Chicago, and JFK all being...
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    Southwest to sell middle seats No comment. No judgement. Just posting the news.
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    With Change Fees Gone, American Repositions Basic Economy

    Cranky Flyer finds another upside to elimination of change fees...improvement of Basic Economy features. Interesting read. BTW, I don't mean physical repositioning. It repositions BE to be something other than a straight jacket of rules. Up until now, with the major airlines if you booked BE...
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    Hawaii Update--Courtesy of Cranky Flyer
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    Southwest cuts more than a third of all flights from October schedule

    Note: Information here is picked from various news sources that don't let you post a workable URL reference. IF you know a way to post the url, the article was top of front page for August 26th. WN is scaling back for an aggressive recovery heading into the fall. That includes nearly 35000...
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    AA may cut service to smaller cities

    No details (which cities) as yet. Cranky Flyer posted this heads up on his blog. I got the impression it's more of a threat than a formal announcement. Also this applies to all the major airlines, not just AA. Airlines told the Feds that if their payroll support is extended (due to expire at...
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    Passenger hit gate agent after being denied boarding for refusal to wear a mask.

    She was first denied boarding at LAX, but then evidently, allowed to board flight to PHX where she was supposed to connect to an LAS flight. Crew had tagged her itinerary and she was refused boarding at PHX, When she got irate again, police were called. Serves her right...
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    AA and pilots reach deal on leave & buyout plans Still trying to get more emplyees to take leave/furlough offers.
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    Global Air Travel not expected to recover until 2024,+July+30,+2020&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=230798_1596104679722&bt_ee=BLoZ+L82lmaHcKgr6A3AJjrL3Gn/pFj56RtGuSmo35VocgSp7mPY7FIwzmjbKlpX&bt_ts=159610467972...
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    Return of MAX not until "at least" October (and maybe next year).

    Evidently there are several steps in the recertification process that have not been completed. One is NPRM--Notice of Proposed Rule Making. No I don't think I can splain it. Go to the link and read it.
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    Gary Kelly says slowed delivery of 737Maxes may be slowed even more Read Seattle Times article in the link above. I guess I'm not surprised. With the cutback in staff to occur late this year and the load factors not increasing in a hoped-for manner, does...
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    Cranky Flyer gives us news on AA International plans through 2021.

    It's complicated so I am just providing a link to the CF article. Some real surprises here.
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    Cranky Flyer announces a "Fight for 27, 29, or 39 Gates at DIA

    Warning: You may want to take a couple of Tylenol before reading this post and link. It's going to give you a headache.:rolleyes: Cranky Flyer does the math for us on the allocation of those new gates under construction at DIA. This was a hard one to post because ya gotta decide in which...