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    RUDY GHOULIANI gets RAIDED by the FEDS ! Oh My !

    For sure eolesen/dell and I'm guessing La La will try to spin this, as 'OK, Move Along. NOTHING to SEE HERE' !! He He He He He !!!!!!!!!!!1
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    U S A Today poll. 85 - 71 - 55 !

    USA Today, polled 1000 Adults in EVERY STATE, a few hours after the Chauvin Verdict. The Crystal Clear, SPECIFIC question was, " Do you Think Chauvin was GUILTY " ??? The poll was asked of Democrats, Lib's and Retrumplicans. The percentages came back as follows. 71% 55% 85% Try to...
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    Looks like Black Lives Matter After All !!!!!

    Derek Chauvin !!!!!!!!!! Better bring a lifetime supply of " K-Y " ! Anyone think George Floyd would have gotten this JUSTICE in OKIE-HOMA, TEX-ASSS, ALA-BAMA or South Carolina ????????
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    " STRIKE THREE " ( ATL ), YOU'RE O U T !!!

    Because of the discriminatory future voting laws that the Gop controlled " JOE - JAH " legislature/ Gov. Kemp pushed through, MLB said " F U " GA ! The massive $$$$ generating ALL - STAR weekend is going " elsewhere " ! MLB joins massive Giant GA. company's COCA COLA and DELTA...
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    Uh OH. Looks like Matt Gaetz is a DIDDLER !!

    Mr. Florida POMPADOR, 'Hanging/Banging' with an UNDERAGE CHICKADEE ! GOP = FAMILY VALUES - NOT !
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    AGAIN : Who are the 3 MOST DANGEROUS Countries to USA ? 1. russia 2. SAUDI ARABIA 3. n. korea Quiz; Which were the 3 " bums " that the " ORANGE TURD " liked Most, to LICK ??
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    " He was having a BAD DAY "

    A WHITE Georgia Red-Neck says he was having a " BAD - DAY ", so he shot-up an Asian Spa, killing damm near 10 Chinese people !!!! I wonder if this D-Bag was/is a " Q " ??? I'm not foolish enough to think that the ' place ' wasn't a 'Rub + a TUG' joint !! Best guess ? This Moron went...
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    U S Intelligence Report, just released.

    Though CHINA WANTED to, It DID NOT, Repeat, DID NOT interfere in the 2020 elections ! It went on to further say, that No other 'foreign actors', EXCEPT ONE, tried to interfere. The Lone Exception,.....(SORRY ORANGE TURD), was good ol' RUSSIA !! ' O T L'. Orange TURD LIAR !!!! Three...
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    O M G !! Republican MARC RUBIO is "PRO - UNION " !! HOLY, HOLY 'CHIT' !! LIL' MARCO is positioning himself very early for his 'run' in '24'. JESUS, what's NEXT ? Is he gonna' fight Alabama's , or Florida's RIGHT to WORK Laws ????? I NEVER saw THIS...
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    The STOCK MARKET, Cruzing right along !

    Great News PRESIDENT BIDEN. Just wait till the Stimulis $$$$ hit's the Ecomomy !!! HE HE HE HE !! :) ;) :D :rolleyes:
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    Many questions about CLT, Please.

    And THANK YOU in Advance !!!!!!!!!! What terminals is AA in ? Where is CLT's International Arrivals (Terminal/Gates) ? What airline if any, brings in Wide Body A/C (767's/330's/787's/777's) ? Does CLT have NEAR FUTURE plans for expanding (I though I could count 99 gates) ! Is CLT AA's 2nd...
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    HEY eolesen. A special true story, sent to you with LOVE. Since theses freighters are off-loading ONLY, then HI-Tailing it back to Asia to get another Load, are keeping our good guy ILWU UNION Men, working around the clock 24/7/365 ! There's 30 ships...
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    Thanks PRESIDENT BIDEN ! Thanx for caring about the 'LITTLE GUY'

    PRESIDENT BIDENS $ 1.9T Bill passes with NO ReTRUMPLICAN Votes. Thank you for caring about the 'Little Man and Woman'. REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRAT 'little guy'. Thanks for keeping your WORD !! BIG $$ Republicans (taxes), EAT YOU HEART OUT !!!!!!!!!! ALSO, folks, Turn on FUX NEWS, and watch all...
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    FLL question.

    After looking at FLL's schedule, it 'Appears' that FLL may not have 20 flights a day. Having said that, is the ramp @ FLL worked by the TWU Assoc ???
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    Don't ANYONE, NEVER,EVER, Expect ANY RED STATE to make Important decisions, based on INTELLIGENCE !!! :confused: :oops: :confused: Case in Point, How they VOTE for POTUS !!!
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    AA 777's

    What kind of engines are on all of AA's 777's ???
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    F' LYIN TED, CRUZ('n) to CANCUN.

    He is Sooooooo SCREWED over this. He can KISS that Senate Seat ADIOS. The Biggest problem IS, That the Enormous A - H has 4 more years in that seat. AH. The GOP. The GIFT that ALWAYS ' KEEPS on GIVING ' !!
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    OH NO. The ORANGE-MORON is Losing Money FAST ! The ORANGE TURD, is losing Money, and it could be enough to, maybe, Knock the A-H, out of the Billionaire Club ! Before we got INFECTED with him, he was worth $3.5B. He's Now down to $2.5B > (Guys like Warren...
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    ' MY PILLOW ' Guy, BOOTED OFF..." NEWSMAX " !!

    It's pretty BAD when you get chit'-canned Off of a Conspiracy TV station, (think FUX NEWS or OAN, or whatever it's called etc), like NEWSMAX. But that's what happened to our ' GOOD FRIEND' Mike Lindell the 'My Pillow ' Guy . This clown is now banned for life from twitter, and his company...
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    Wallet Hub.

    Wallet Hub. Look them up, they're legit. A financial outfit that deals in opinions, FACTS and financial advice etc. They put out the following; The 10 LEAST EDUCATED,...........And the 10 MOST EDUCATED STATES/ USA. Most Educated: 1. MA 2. MD 3. CO 4. VT 5. CT 6. VA 7. WA 8. NH 9. NJ 10. MN...