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    I hope Dubai and Abu Dhabi stay in asia

    I mean if let’s say my destination is in Egypt and I have a long layover in Abu Dhabi and UAE that means I will be able to explore Africa and Asia. What is the likelihood that UAE will still be a part of Asia in 3 years and beyond? I’d love to have a “2 for 1 deal.”
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    hello. i live in the Central Valley of CA. I booked a ticket to Ecuador in March. I still need to buy a passport. I was told it will be there before two months. How long is it valid?
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    I happened to see the flight information for this. I read sometimes flights get cancelled at late night due to noise to local residents. I saw my flight with virgin Australia leaves to Brisbane at 1045 on a Friday night in late June. How likely is this flight to be canceled considering CA in...
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    Ok I must accumulate funds but how does my itinerary sound? I'll use specific dates for argument's sake. June 17-June 24: arrive in Sydney on June 19 from SF, drive to Brisbane after visiting the Warrambungle and on the 20th.June 21 hang out in Brisbane and then drive to Airlie. On the 22 drive...
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    How to get the best prices?

    Hello. I am trying to fly from SF to Phnom Penh and after looking at the CheapoAir website I saw that it was 498 if I'm trying to fly from March 25-30 (my spring break days). I was disappointed when I heard that on their end the cheapest price was 560. However considering I look at airline...
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    I checked this morning and was concerned. Somebody provide information please.

    To tell the truth I google airline prices daily to check for trends. My chief site is Cheapoair. I aspire to visit Phnom Penh in a few years. I looked at a flight called Korean air. Two days ago it was 767 to fly there from SFO. Today, it was 794. There's more though. I looked at the weekend...