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  1. La Li Lu Le Lo

    Flight Simulator Gear

    Have any of you ever thought of making flight simulator gear. There is a TON of money in boutique flight sim gear. Most of these shops are in the EU which makes it very expensive for consumers in the United States. By the time you pay shipping and import tax the cost can increase...
  2. La Li Lu Le Lo

    The Coyote "May Re bid"

    More management BS.
  3. La Li Lu Le Lo


    Saw this while importing some goods form Germany. I am glad to see Britain pull out of that socialist/globalist failure called the EU. I am glad their government representatives came to their senses. They don't need those pigs in the EU violating their sovereignty.
  4. La Li Lu Le Lo


    I thought it might be fun to post clips from movies we like. Please keep it a reasonable length and work/family safe. I really like this scene. I like the music. I like when the rocket shakes the whole town. I like his reaction when he sees earth from orbit the first time. Probably one of...
  5. La Li Lu Le Lo

    Migrant Workers

    In the past when discussions of illegal workers have come up I have had several people ask me if I would go work on a farm for minimum wage. They stated Americans would not take that kind of job for minimum wage. I saw this article today regarding migrant labor working on a Tomato farm...
  6. La Li Lu Le Lo

    10 Years

    Got my 10 in yesterday. I joined this forum on May 29th 2010. I have seen a lot of interesting things come through this forum in 10 years. Made a few friends, made even more enemies. :D Anyway I know most everyone on this forum could care less but I thought hitting 10 was a neat thing.
  7. La Li Lu Le Lo

    A Theory Regarding IC Bus Plant and Tesla in Tulsa

    I have a theory that the city of Tulsa is trying to drive IC Bus Plant out because there have been some backdoor deals to get Tesla (Elon Musk) to move operations from Fremont, California to Tulsa, Oklahoma...
  8. La Li Lu Le Lo

    To All The Fools Who Thought Obamacare Was A Good Idea States cut Medicaid as millions of jobless workers look to safety net Medicaid officials warn the gutting could be far worse this time, because program...
  9. La Li Lu Le Lo

    777 Measurements

    I am a member of a Facebook page that builds flight simulators as a hobby. A member made a request for a higher quality schematic (he can't see the measurements) of the 777 B cockpit layout and any further information that can be provided (measurement wise). This is the picture he has. This...
  10. La Li Lu Le Lo

    AA Double Dip

    I wanted to make this post in light of the TA, the 737 MAX, the Coronavirus and American Airline's falling stock prices to remind you of something. I want to remind all of you that last time you agreed to concessions to "save" American Airlines they rewarded their executives MILLIONS of dollars...
  11. La Li Lu Le Lo

    De Havilland Comet

    What is up with these engines? Why are they so small? Why is the air inlet shaped that way? What is between the air inlets? I also noticed that the engine shrouds between the aircraft are shaped differently. Why does the one on the top picture on the inside shroud have that extra hole below...
  12. La Li Lu Le Lo

    The Democrats do something right for a change. Clinic Trains Consumers To Fix What They Already Bought (And Broke) She has sponsored a bill – that will soon come up for a vote – which encourages companies to...
  13. La Li Lu Le Lo

    Assetto Corsa

    I thought some of you gear heads might like this. This is a fine example of a modern racing sim. You are watching this video on a flat screen but it is being played in VR (Virtual Reality). Visually you will literally feel like you are in the car driving it.
  14. La Li Lu Le Lo

    New Way Forward Act Here is the documentation. I prefer the twitter video. Democrat treason at it's finest.
  15. La Li Lu Le Lo

    Greensboro sit-ins

    I find it interesting how Google uses this image on it's search page. The man behind the counter is white. However this is the actual photo the event was based on. You will note the person behind the counter is black, not white. So my question to you, why the inaccuracy?
  16. La Li Lu Le Lo

    United States Citizenship for Sale. Considering a U.S. Investment Visa? We’ve Already Helped Over 2600 Investors Receive Green Cards Learn How Our Experts Can...
  17. La Li Lu Le Lo

    Talk about uncalled for and low class.

    Way over the line. I expect better behavior from the Republican Party.
  18. La Li Lu Le Lo


    FROM THE ARTIST Dave Maestrejuan September 11, 2016 911 This image came to mind while watching the 911 catastrophe unfold fifteen years ago. It took me a good ten years to get it on canvas, a hard image to deal with, let alone paint. It struck me at the time that all these people were caught...
  19. La Li Lu Le Lo

    Cool Video Regarding Landing Gear

    He gives a nice shout out to the Aircraft Mechanics at the end of the video.