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    US Airways Now Looking to Upgrade Piedmont

    Elevation and ALCARLOS... I guess that's what I get for attempting to think outside the box, I'll go crawl back in. :) I'm perfectly aware what has happened in the last few years and going on now. Unfortunately it's going to be these stupid, out-of-the-box ideas that actually will do something...
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    US Airways Now Looking to Upgrade Piedmont

    The whole Express operation just needs to be rethought. Put together a comprehensive plan to bring it all in house. You have PSA and Piedmont...two ways to go with it...but with the same end result - no more contract carriers. Make PSA the all jet airline operating all the CRJs (move the...
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    AWA ALPA Press Release

    Yet Lakefield was the money man and was able to raise all the cash to fun the crazy merger. Not to shabby for saying he can't save it.
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    Express Jet

    Haven't heard any bad things about OKC...of course there is relatively little competition here on the routes being flown. Looking at some of the fare offerings, the lower levels are getting booked up - so that is a good sign. The one route that concerns me is the OKC-AUS route. It has the...
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    Express Jet

    Interesting experiment indeed. Avoiding FlyI's hub-and-spoke failure, to do this. Something, I've always believed, the RJs were meant to do...just that the airlines never bothered to follow that line on thinking. Some of the routes seem a bit too thin for any service, but who knows. The...
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    Marshal subdues passenger after incident on US Airways flight

    Umm... :) I believe OKC has actually been doing pretty good. All 3 flights are with the CRJ-900. Hopefully we'll see some trips out east before too long. Of course mainline would be nice, growing up in Ohio always saw USAir every...
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    Here you go Westies

    I agree that everyone just needs to pick up and move on as a united front if this is going to be successful. US was in Chapter 11, HP was heading there...what else matters? Once Super Dave took his golden parachute and Lakefield came in, things got serious on raising cash. Discussions started to...
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    Perhaps OKC will finally see service to the East. From what I've been following, the routes going to PHX and LAS are doing very well.
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    ERJ or not...I'm looking at this from the viewpoint of... "What? They are actually going to put up a fight?"
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    US Airways Now Codesharing With Air One

    I thought this was just a Crystal Palace problem? I guess it doesn't matter where bulk of the cash is parked, they'll continue to make the same choices. It'll be that way until Doug Parker is replaced/retired in a few years by someone originating out of the east. He'll play the "we are a team"...
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    OKC Invasion

    Is there a major repainting effort beginning by Mesa? Pulled up Flight Aware today and noticed several planes arriving into OKC over night and early this morning... 9006 - GSP - 145 9004 - CLT - 145 9002 - CLT - 145 9003 - CLT - 145 9005 - CLT - 145 7010 - CLT - CRJ 9001 - CAE - 145 Are these...
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    US Airways product changes

    Woo hoo Back to USAir(ways) Magazine. A lot of creative minds out there in Tempe. :)
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    Two airlines bid to provide air service to Bradford Regional Airport (The Bradford Era)

    Haven't you seen Lord of the Rings? They'll have one of those long gray haired, drooling, mental scary guys screaming that the airplane is his domain and that he is the ruler. Should be entertaining, until someone hits the call button and the "steward" sends them out the cabin door to fight the...
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    AA announces Love Field flights

    Fascinating how TOL gets the axe...after the route has been suspended until Jan 10th due to poor performance thanks to the crap schedule the gave the route. They had a better one ready to go...but obviously no more. Again...its all spin.
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    Vegas baby!

    They will be dumping the MFE-SFB flights in February. The flights are operated twice a week. The aircraft will be moved to add frequency to the SFB-TOL route which starts this week. That will take the route to 6 times weekly, or what TMA operated it at. Advanced bookings on these new cities look...
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    Teamsters Contract With America West Mechanics And Related

    I wonder if we could go back a few years on all the posts on how bad the IAM is and how they can't be gone soon enough. Now their members are fighting for them tooth and nail? Just an observation.
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    If you'd like, I can throw them on my web server...have plenty of room on it. Shoot me off a PM if this sounds like an idea.
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    Did anyone by chance save or know where the video of, I think it was N700UW, making its first flight at Airbus? They aren't available at their old location, and they were always nice to watch every now and then.
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    Transmeridian Shuts Down

    TransMeridian Airlines (TMA) will be ceasing operations effective tomorrow, Sept 30th. News reports coming over local media in TOL, and agents have been notified. TOL is also a mx base that is being cleaned out tonight as well. Their scheduled charter experiment has come to end...what a shame.
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    Add Air Canada To The Mix?

    Now know how people are. If legacies add capacity...its flooding the market (lets leave Northwest out of this one for arguments sake :D ). If a LCC adds capacity its competition to help the little guy. Of course now that US is a hybrid...I have no idea how this applies.