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    Congrats HP!

    HP announces a profit of $80 million for second quarter. Hats off to them. Also announces new service to Edmonton and Monterrey,Mexico. The carrier attributes it''s success to it''s ''new fare structure''. Art of ISP is right, It''s the fares, stupid! We''re still waiting US.....
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    Is it me or do I smell merger?

    You may not be too far over at UA side of this website is US planning to sell off assets, including giving our Airbii''s to UA....
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    Is US ready?

    The talk is that AA will announce a reduction of service in STL....will US take advantage of this to ''push'' Westward?
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    PITbull may get her wish...

    At least PIT will get some cheap fares....Jetblue vs. Jetscrew...let the games begin!
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    US files for more Mexico code-share service

    ---------------- On 6/9/2003 10:58:52 AM ITRADE wrote: Filed with DOT last week:  code-share authority via United for service to Mexico city from LAX, SFO, IAD, and New York (or was it Chicago). Why go...Wait long enough and Mexico City will come to AZ., CA., TX!
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    Will they Bite the Hand that Feeds them?

    America West to drop meal service. DUH! You mean airlines are NOT restaurants? Our job is to carry (hence air carriers) passengers from point A to point B....another great concept! How much does US spend feeding (actually throwing out) in meals a year? What is the unit cost of a snack...
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    Call It Crazy.....

    What a novel idea.....the carriers raise fares $10 whole bucks! Hope they ALL can tow the line on this one....what''s next, men on the moon!!
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    US Airways Ready To Fly Embraer 170s Under MidAtlantic Banner

    ---------------- On 5/1/2003 7:01:55 PM Smoke and Mirrors wrote: US Airways is poised to begin flying Embraer 170s/175s as part of its mainline network through its MidAtlantic Airways division, Senior VP of Employee Relations Jerrold Glass said in Washington yesterday. Glass gave the US...
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    Count them....10!

    Recently heard that 10 cities have been designated mainline. TPA, MCO, PIT, PHL, LAX, SFO, BOS CLT, DCA, LGA.....all others will become express as RJ'' come on line....heard this from a good source....says these cities will get timeclocks....not sure how that is connected thou......
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    DFW Rumor

    Heard that DFW will take a big hit in service....anyone heard the same?
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    CS...Help me Out Here

    I''m out on furlough with US pass privelages only. I want OA passes also. Can I use someone else''s (re;another employee'') companion passes or can I list as a ''domestic partner'' on their travel card to obtain the same? Thanks in advance.....
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    Overstaffed at DCA??????

    [blockquote] ---------------- On 1/28/2003 3:11:53 PM Severed-N-Happy wrote: flew out of DCA Monday around 3pm and saw a stretch of gate agents, maybe 8 or so in one gate section, I believe it's 35 thru 38 ,one large podium section of chk-ins left side ..There were No passengers in line, just...
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    141-M... CLT

    [blockquote] ---------------- On 1/10/2003 8:30:58 PM willnotworkforfree wrote: 141-M Charlotte... looks like it passed in CLT by about at Eleven.[img src=''] ---------------- Hard to believe so many voting themselves out of...
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    US Airways Reports $117.6 Million Loss in November

    $36.6 million in other greasing palms that expensive now!
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    Even Rush is talking about US!

    This morning radio talkhost Rush Limbaugh talked about US on his morning commentary...about how Teddy Kennedy saved two jobs at DCA perks desk...of course US loses 12k+ in layoffs.....[img src=''''] [img...
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    Good news for our 737 pilots....WN will be hiring 200+ pilots in 2003.... IAM gets payraises and stock/benefit boosts for ground service agents....[img src=''''] [img src='''']
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    How Is That......

    How is it that UA is able to get $1.5 billion in bank loan monies and U is tied to the ball-n-chain of RSA? Citibank, Bank1, Chase and GE are jolly on the spot and meantime U turns over its future to a ''minority'' interest holder? There is something very convoluted about this whole...
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    Zero Hour?

    Just an observation but the way it seems to be going.....chipmunn may be the only one posting on this thread soon....who will he have to talk to about US'' bright future....RSA has taken the driverseat of this bus and I think the brakes are about to be applied....
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    WOW HP!

    HP reported a $11.4 million single day 92% load factor for the holiday week......anyone know our figures for the week?
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    Is it possible for US to shutdown the total operations and comeback(or try too) like Midway....just cease operations and set a date of re-organization as MDA? In the 80''s I remember PSA pilots struck, the carrier shutdown and slowly recalled agts back by senority as it picked and chose to open...