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    AA''s Credit Rating Goes wAAy South

    AMR DOWNDRAFT By PAUL THARP - NYPOST.COM March 1, 2003 -- American Airlines led the troubled airlines industry into more dangerous turbulence yesterday over new fears it might file for bankruptcy. The world's largest airline got its credit rating knocked down three notches — a serious blow not...
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    It''s Time for New Leadership at American

    There's an old saying that a fish rots from the head down. Today, American Airlines is decomposing badly and it is the responsibility of management to keep the company healthy. American is a business and like any business the primary goal is to make money. American has lost $3.5 billion in 2002...
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    >>>You''ve got to see this...Blown TAP approach<<<

    Hi ITrade, That was way cool! I guess some of those guys can't get used to having a swizel stick on the side instead of a yoke in their lap. I could never get used to a stick either. I agee with Boeing's approach of sticking to a traditional control column for familiarity purposes. Thanks for...
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    Attention All TWAers -- Get Your TWAer Certificate Now!!!

    [IMG src= border=0][BR][BR]Hi Everybody![BR][BR]Beginning at 10PM EST tonight, your very own personalized TWAer Certificate will be available for downloading and printing from the TWAlive website![BR][BR]This certificate will certify all those who carry the...
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    Help! No Home Page - No E-Mail Access

    I cannot access the home page. It automatically sends you to links. I want to use my usaviation email, but it can only be accessed from the home page as far as I know. What do I do? Thanks, Marky
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    Quit Screwing Around With Everything!!

    OK, I do not wish to whine and complain, but throw me a bone here! The administrators of this board keep changing it as often as most people change underwear. Last night the entire look of the board changed twice while I was using it!! They actually came up with a very good looking version late...
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    Send United Your Letter of Support!!

    In the thread You Can Help United, there are instructions for emailing United at to get a sample letter of support you can return to them which they will forward to appropriate government agencies. Please take a moment to help United in their time of need. I did, and...
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    ATA is Hiring

    If this is of any help to those F/A''s who might be furloughed, American Trans Air has a display ad in this week''s San Francisco Chronicle looking to hire F/A''s.
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    Private Message Notification

    I thought you were supposed to get an email telling you when someone has sent you a private message. For some reason I don''t get an email. I only see my PM''s if I happen to remember to check in my profile to see if any have come.
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    What Happened to Our Seniority Numbers??

    I noticed that our seniority numbers have disappeared. Obviously, from the day the new board began operation, it was clear these numbers were a point of pride (if somewhat tongue in cheek) among the posters. Why eliminate them? Also, when you hit reply or new topic and get to that page, the...
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    The New Dude Ain''t Got No Time!

    I am particularily interested in hearing UAL777Flyer''s comments about my post below as well as his general assessment of Tilton and whether that''s the man, or kind of man, he was hoping for. The present UAL management has already stated that they need to have union concessions in place by...
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    Mark Your Calendars...

    ...for September 15. " United said it needs to have union concessions in place by Sept. 14 to forestall going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy." This according to a story in today''s SF Chronicle: United Story-SF Chronicle So my guess is they file on Sept 15 if they don''t have the concession ducks...