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    When Nwa Dowsized It Was Amfa's Fault

    For months now, the TWU has been attacking, and blaming AMFA for the downsizing at Northwest. Now that AA is downsizing, the TWU places blame on the company. Why the double standard? Given the TWU's recent distrubuted material, shouldn't the story read: "TWU sells the farm in STL, the TWU...
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    If It's Not Concessions - Twu Fails

    Associated Press Southwest Airlines to Begin Mediation Wednesday October 15, 4:52 pm ET Southwest Airlines to Begin Mediation With Flight Attendants on Contract Negotiations DALLAS (AP) -- Southwest Airlines and representatives of a flight attendants' union are scheduled to begin a new...
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    Industrial Union Saga Continues

    US Airways subcontracts work, inflames mechanics Monday October 6, 3:45 pm ET NEW YORK, Oct 6 (Reuters) - US Airways Group Inc. said on Monday that it will outsource heavy maintenance on 10 of its airplanes to an Alabama company, which prompted the airline's mechanics' union to file for a...
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    Hey Twu - I've Got Answers To Your Mailout

    Recently the TWU mailed some anti-AMFA material to my house. In that material were several questions, that I can answer. Question #1: When President Bush started interfering in airline negotiations, who stood up and told him to butt out -- TWU and the AFL-CIO or AMFA? Answer: It was AMFA...
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    Flex Benefits - A Company Union Medical Plan

    Go here to see how your TWU medical plan changes are going to compound your already known pay and benefit cuts. :angry:;f=1;t=000066 SIGN YOUR AMFA CARD TODAY
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    Aa Cash Cow - Concessions For What?

    As I visit websites for information, it occurs to me that we are watching an ugly re-run in the making. The concessions of the 1980's at AA funded the build-up of Sabre, which was eventually completely "spun-off" from the airline. It appears today's concessions are funding the "build-up" of...
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    Twu Lies - On Video

    Recent TWU Lies were answered at the AMFA Informational Meeting in Tulsa on Friday 9/12/2003. Even on this bulletin board these lies are repeated over and over. I will begin uploading video clips that prove the LIES of the TWU. The first video, will show E-Board Member G.T. Bunch being...
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    What Does The Afl-cio Do For Us?- Caution Politics

    At the AMFA Informational Meeting in Tulsa on Friday, an interesting quote came from a TWU supporting member. Here is a quote from an AA Mechanic in Tulsa. I disagree with Mr. Lesperance! My representatives not only read my letters, I get a written response back from them. Elected...
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    Amfa Organizers - Tulsa Distribution

    Today, September 9th, 2003 marked the first successful distribution of union material on the AA Tulsa Maintenance Base property. Although much time has passed since the settlement of case 99-CV-0632 in the Northern District of Oklahoma, today should be remembered for what happened. The AMFA...
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    Twu Local 514 - Rents Meeting Room In Tulsa

    If the TWU wants to debate AMFA, why not rent the Brady Theater and invite everyone? No the cowards sneak around like the snakes they are!!
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    Threat Of Bankruptcy Gone

    With Bankruptcy no longer looming. AMR Ratings Upgraded Stock Soaring How come we don't have the option to offest our personal losses by investing in AMR in the 401k plan? Seems logical "Getting Shafted"... Invest in the Shafter!
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    6,000 Twu Members Lost Jobs?

    Posted on Mon, Sep. 01, 2003 Unions hurt by airlines' budget woes By Trebor Banstetter Star-Telegram Staff Writer It's a familiar situation in today's airline industry: Facing a substantial shortfall in cash, leaders are making tough decisions to cut budgets, services and even employees. But...
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    Exodus From Mci - Mechanics Leaving?

    It is being rumored in Tulsa that over 400 former TWA Mechanics signed up for retirement this week. Have they told you guys something the rest of do not know?
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    Twu-atd Admits To Lies

    I understand the TWU-ATD representatives admitted to being liars today. It seems the RIF'd Tulsa Mechanics got to see their first real union meeting at DFW, and they have some interesting TWU facts to share with us all. The Local also voted to fund another lawsuit against the TWU regarding the...
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    Aa Line Maintenance Presidents

    We have recently seen that the DFW and ORD Line Maintenance Presidents are proposing a "seperate Maintenance Division" within the TWU-ATD. They propose to slice Title 2 from our contract and negotiations. WAKE-UP! Title 2 is not our problem! The TWU Dictators and the TWU Constitution is the...
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    Twu - Local 514 Lies Again!

    The TWU Local 514 in Tulsa Oklahoma, has now been caught in another out right LIE! In the recently distributed "Just the Facts" Document which was distributed base wide in Tulsa by the "mis-informer representatives", the TWU claimed that... THE LIE - "AMFA Mesaba members have now gone 12...
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    Foreign Maintenance

    Greetings, We have listened to the TWU/Bus Driver Union advocates time and time again, claim that AMFA outsourced all of their heavy maintenance overseas. Let's look at some documented TRUTH. Notice the LAST PARAGRAPH of this article. FAA Inspects Too Few Plane Maintenance Contractors...
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    AA Mechanics - WE ARE NEXT!

    UNITED STATES: Mechanics'' victory at United Airlines BY MALIK MIAH SAN FRANCISCO — In a stunning victory for mechanics and related employees at United Airlines, on July 14 the Aircraft Mechanics'' Fraternal Association (AMFA) replaced the International Association of Machinists (IAM) as...
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    AFL-CIO Threatens to sue AMFA

    You gotta read this: Way to tell like it is Mr. Lee Seham!
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    TWU - Thought Police Cannon Fired

    It appears that now ALL LINE MECHANICS are going to revoke their "check-off" dues authorization to protest the removal of elected representatives. Will the TWU have the nads to demand 5000 Mechanics be fired from AA for refusing dues payment? This is about to blow into the mother of all...