1. L

    We have tickets to London for July on AA.

    We intended on purchasing travel insurance anyway. Does anyone know if it would be helpful under the current circumstances? Should we hold off?
  2. J

    How did you choose your FFP? (Survey)

    Hello, I am an undergraduate student from Buckinghamshire New University, UK, doing research on choice of Frequent Flyer Programs. The survey is aimed toward those who fly American or are members of American AAdvantage. This will only take 6 minutes of your time...
  3. ContUNITEus

    US Airlines comparison by fleet size

    A picture of the airlines in the USA by fleet size: Corrections are welcomed :)
  4. Ronin

    American Airlines & Republic Airlines Swap

    This article is old but has anyone given any thought to this scenario. It might be better than US Airways.... NEW YORK (AP) — In a story Sept. 5 about Republic Airways Holdings Inc., The Associated...
  5. rgritt

    United Airlines Tribute Video

    Here is a quick video I made because I love united so much, its based off of a post 911 american airlines commercial.