1. Buck

    Boeing workers found cracking part on some 737NG jets Item 310
  2. Parkeralex

    Boeing and CFM begin flight tests of LEAP-1B engine

    Boeing and CFM International have started flight testing of the LEAP-1B engine, which will power the 737 MAX. A modified 747 flying testbed-equipped with the LEAP-1B engine was flown from GE Aviation flight test operations in Victorville, California, US, on 29 April.
  3. Glenn Quagmire

    Flight Risks: How Scientists Are Combatting Sleep at 30,000 Feet

    "I’m participating in a biometrics-capturing session in Boeing’s Crew Fatigue Monitoring study. The research is a cooperative project with Delta Air Lines to collect and interpret a massive data set examining the biometrics of tired pilots. The goal is to better understand the signals that...