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    Is the future of Air Travel? Are Qatar Qsuites a possible layout for safe travel?

    We recently flew on Qatar Airlines Qsuites and did a video evaluating how they would need to be updated post COVID to get people feeling safe about Air Travel. We also discuss and evaluate other changes that would need to be made in the broader market. Check out the video and let us know what...
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    What should a Delta Sky Club look like post COVID?

    My wife and I are travel Vloggers and we had a pending review for the Minneapolis Delta Sky Club. We converted it into a conversation about what Airport Lounges will have to be like in the future. We'd love it if you'd watch, think about our suggestions and comment with your own. We'd like it...
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    COVID-19 denied medical coverage?

    I heard recently that if we as Delta employees list for a flight (off duty) and contract COVID-19 that Delta insurance won't cover the medical care. I can't find anything on the portal confirming or denying this, and have a family emergency that I might need to travel for. Anybody know...