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    Emirates business class short review

    This is the best b. class i have ever been to.With the Boeing 777-300ER your flight is the most comfortable it offers seats inspired by sports cars , you can watch films on a 23 inch display and enjoy your drink at the mini bar.The flat-bed seats are the best seats i have ever lain on.The...
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    Booking a flight from Czech Republic

    Hi guys, I have a problem with American Airlines websites. I'm currently trying to book a Multi-City ticket from Prague to Rio and from Sao Paulo to Prague, but when it comes to payment, it seems like I'm not able to choose a Czech Republic as a country of residence for me. I have a credit card...
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    Bomb Scares Get Flight Attendant Arrested!

    One of the worst things you can do on-board an aircraft is make a bomb threat. Even mentioning the word bomb could get you escorted of a plane. So what would make a flight attendant cry wolf, not once but twice? A need for attention perhaps? Justin Cox-Sever who is 23 years old is a Skywest...
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    Delta Air Lines Continues to See Week Unit Revenue.

    Delta Air Lines unit revenue, one of the key metric, could face continued weakness until next year. In fact, the unit revenue might remain flat until Q4 2017. Despite this weakness, Delta Airline still beats its rivals American Airlines and United Airlines. http://tinyurl.com/jqyrupr