1. R

    Companion Pass

    In need of a Non-Rev / Companion Pass. I'm familiar with the ins and outs of non-rev travel and I am a US Veteran approved with Global Entry and TSA Pre √. I work as a real estate professional and can help you with any housing needs you may encounter. I understand the concerns one might have...
  2. J

    Pillots and Flight attendants: Uniforms and Footwear [HELP]

    Hello I am a student of Nova-School of Business and Economics and I am finalizing my masters by conducting an internationalization project to the US of a Portuguese company which sells footwear to aviation professionals, SKYPRO. Therefore, i am conducting some benchmarking and trying to...
  3. ContUNITEus

    US Airlines comparison by fleet size

    A picture of the airlines in the USA by fleet size: Corrections are welcomed :)
  4. 7

    jetBlue BOS-PHL

    No more USAir for me to PHL! Looks like now every route USAir M/L serves from BOS has competion from B6 if you consider EWR/JFK the same market as LGA. Non-union jetBlue for me next time I go to Philadelphia (hopefully no time soon) http://investor.jetb...7030&highlight= Southwest started...