1. gatorback

    Definition of Passenger Volume

    ORD reporting shows 2017 January revenue passenger as 4,501,484: ORD SUMMARY.pdf Is this number calculated by summing all revenue passengers on arriving flights and all revenue passengers on departing...
  2. D

    Lavatory research

    Hi everyone, I'm a master student looking for a sample of research data for my thesis on aircraft lavatories. The research is about the cleanliness of lavatories and how passengers use them. If you are interested in helping please get in touch or take my survey...
  3. J

    Delta Air Lines Continues to See Week Unit Revenue.

    Delta Air Lines unit revenue, one of the key metric, could face continued weakness until next year. In fact, the unit revenue might remain flat until Q4 2017. Despite this weakness, Delta Airline still beats its rivals American Airlines and United Airlines.