1. F

    American Airlines New Flight Attendant Questions

    Hi all - I am interested in applying for a position as an AA flight attendant. I was wondering if anyone could help answer some questions I had: About how many hours a month on reserve can you expect to fly in the beginning? About how long do they keep you on reserve? When it comes to where...
  2. M

    Reserve Status and Bases - Questions for current UA FAs

    I left to raise a child after flying for another major carrier for seventeen years. I'm finally in the position to go back to the airline industry, and currently I'm in the interview process with United. I've done some Internet research, but many of my questions are left unanswered...
  3. ContUNITEus

    One airline/3 different F/A scheduling ways

    So... from what I know (and I could be wrong), all new F/As at AA are supposed to be on the system that is used at most international airlines, the one I believe that also Delta uses - a hard schedule with Reserve days (10 if I got that right). Then, all pre-2013 F/As at AA are continuing with...