1. K

    Calling ALL Part 121 Pilots. Take a quick Survey

    Hello airline pilots. I would appreciate it if you could fill out a quick survey in regards to aeronautical decision making (ADM) for Part 121 pilots during emergency situations. This survey is intended to collect data for a graduate level research techniques and applications class. The survey...
  2. C

    Southwest survey

    We are working on a brand exploratory report for academic purpose. We would appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to take a short survey about Southwest Airlines. Please, follow this link to the survey: Take survey
  3. Robeel Haq

    World's 10 Best Long-Haul Airlines

    I've started an airline blog and one of the first things I've written about is the results of Which? magazine's airline passenger survey for this year, which ranks the world's best long-haul airlines (from a list of airlines that serve the UK). What is interesting is that none of the UK...
  4. Oasc

    Airline Service Recovery

    Hi everybody! I am currently a student at L'Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, a hospitality school in Switzerland, and am doing a paper on the Impacts of Service Recovery in the Airline Industry. I've put together a survey and would greatly appreciate if you air travel veterans could spend 5 min to...
  5. stanfs02

    Your view on long distance travel...

    Hi everyone! Can You guys please fill out the questionnaire below for my final major project in transport design. I want to create a less stressful environment and need your views on the current situation/demographic to make it happen! Much appreciated!! Thanks Steve...
  6. B

    Airline Survey

    Hello everyone, I am conducting a study on airlines, so could you please fill out the survey at this link? Thank you! :D