1. flightforu

    Southwest Airline services

    SOUTHWEST AIRLINE is recognized as one of the most affordable airlines with elite services. The name of this airline is enlisted as "the most reliable airline on the sphere." The airline is known for its low-end fares, affordable tickets, and various inflight services such as complimentary...
  2. L

    Flight experience questionnaire

    Good afternoon everyone! We are a group of students of Politecnico di Milano, Italy. We are conducting research in the aviation field, so we are investigating how people feel about the whole travel experience: from the moment they enter the plane to the landing. We arranged this short...
  3. J

    Travel Protection Insurance

    Working in the airline industry for over 25 years, This was the first time I had an issue with purchasing travel Protection insurance. We purchased it with CSA TRAVEL PROTECTION INSURANCE (GLOBALI) and all I can say is what a scam!!!!!! if you non rev or travel often and purchase insurance...