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Aug 20, 2002
Well for all the big thinkers out there listen up very carefully before you decide to vote you should realize this!!!
Part of the LOA and new cwa contract allows the company to create a new Express Agent Classification.
What does this mean, Think long and hard here!!!
Too some junior agents it means lot''s of new job opportunities. To the more senior agents at TOS (TOP of Scale) it means a very limited job arena. Why u may ask
Here it is laid out for u plain and simple
1. It allows all non hub mainline stations to be converted and staffed by Express classification agents hereafter for typing purposes known as MEA (Mainline Express Agents) who have a Tos of 13.01 after 11 years service. The only thing the company has to do to qualify your station for this new class is to limit larger mainline jet flying into your station to 4 months a yr. Hello Springbreak Thnaksgiving Christmas what ever seasonal traffic you have wrapped up into 4 months of big jet flying Guess what there is more
2. Within 18 mos this new policy will be implemented into all hubs and dca,lga and bos and MEA''s will be hired to work all Regionals and express flights from the furloughees created by this action. No more mainline jobs required to work the majority of flights with our new regional aircraft airline. Also ex express agent''s can be and will be hired and integrated into the new Mea payroll and seniority.
Lot''s of furloughed res agents ready to jump onboard also
3.Thank you CWA for all the mainline job loss you gain what
Internet Passenger support agents that tops out at 13.01
and Lets not forget sar''s who can and will be replaced by MEA Sar''s Now it''s time to think a little more.
4. What did the co want at the beginning from us 16.88
well when you look at pay rates for all groups after the cuts what do you see
Customer svc agts 20.05 and club reps how many will there be left of these?
Bag Call Ctr and dividend miles 16.89 after 9/1/08 18.42
sars 14.42 14.82 after 2008 raise
and last but not least well actually it is the least
CWA MEA''s 13.01 and after 2008 14.18 this is all in atttach E of the new terms
Well well well looks like the cwa reps who are mostly res people have done a fine job for ato agents who don''t work at call centers and desks.
I say we take 16.88 an hour and no express agents allowed
and all regional work to fall under our scope not a new class and all stations downsized to regionals continue on with mainline employees working for 7 dollars less not 10
and no 75% this and 5 days that and lets look out just for res agents because there not represented at the bargaining Table..Read it for yourselves it''s not on the wall it should be in your mailbox read it very carefully if you value your job and lifestyles because it is a sure thing
you want have it long with this contract and if the cwa has lawyers working with the bk issues please enlighten us to how it could be any worse for us to take our chances with His Honor than to take our chances with the cwa who will gain a whole new class and a new airline known as mid atlantic to make new dues from and while your brushing up on your reading look at the data sheets dated 7/19 and 7/24 and what the company was willing to give then but which we didnt take are get a chance to vote on it was much better than this like I said its not on the wall but is is there for u to see regardless.
And lastly if u vote this in and u experince the scenarios that i just mentioned you will not be given a chance to think about mea or furlough because they will tell u take it now with seniority are later start from scratch but if u choose mea and don''t like if your severance just went from 15 weeks down to 5 if you are a senior agent.......All the above can be found in attachment H I And J of the new Terms to be voted on Don''t take my word Take it to your lawyer and see how he interprets it if you have trouble on your own
I am voting NO
In fact I have now just done that I voted NO for you and you and you and all other brothers and sisters who have made this the best major and who would like to continue doing just that
Yep..there is no world other than the one you're in...so sit down, shut up and take it...or maybe...you'll have to find a better job..and..and you might just like it better...and...and...
Sorry to hear you voted no
Do we know how many employees are going to be stuck with mda, and what cities it is going to affect? I see that instead of the company paying the CWA, they will make up for that with membership and dues.
Yes it is a drag (pun intended if you vote yes it will be) but with the contract as proposed
$20 hr will only be around for a short time and for a very very small number.
Remember the company can reduce it's fleet to 245 a/c
and those can actually/practically all be regionals the way the contracts for all unions are written.
IT says a/c of a type already in service or that may be aquired later on (Regionals) I for one wish it was different but mgmt is out to squeeze the life out of this company and take it home in their wallets.
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