180° reclining seat for every passenger?

Oct 19, 2002
There''s much concern these days about the lack of space in airplane seats, and the stress and exhaustion that results from remaining in them for long periods of time.
As a frequent business traveler, I too spent many endless, sleepless nights aboard planes on intercontinental flights, which gave me a lot of time to think about a way to solve this problem. An initial idea took the form of a conceptual design for commercial aircraft passenger cabins, a design that can provide every passenger with a fully reclining seat and far more freedom to move about.
This solution, and the added space that it provides to every traveler, may also help in reducing the number of cases of travel-related DVT, a condition that has been linked to lack of mobility during prolonged periods of time.
I''d like to know what my fellow travelers think of this concept, so if you would like to take a close look at it, I invite you to visit this website:
Have a good flight... and a good night!
SleeplessTraveler, Where do you propose the land this Widened and Lengthened Bohemoth? Better yet...are you willing to absorb the costs of what you are proposing? I highly doubt it!! Certain numbers of Aircraft have this ability in firstclass for International Flights,,,but you are going to pay for that luxury. This type of thing was tried during the late 30's...it was a DC-3 Hybrid called the DST...meaning the Douglas Sleeper Transport. The DC-3's interior would convert much like a Pullman Sleeper car from the railroad lines. This was deemed way less than cost effective...and very wieght restrictive for things like more passengers, frieght...and even the USmail. Your idea of a sleeper seat for every passenger on every flight is beyond scarey!! I hope you are not trying for an airlines CEO's job? If you are?...please make it another airline than ours. We are in need of sound ideas....not Pipe-Dreams
On 10/20/2002 12:28:33 PM gilbertguy wrote:

Do you want slippers and a sponge bath with that?

Great idea. You must be the first to have thunk that one up, too. Run Forrest, Run!

How many fully reclining seats could you put in a 767-200? 5 across times maybe 20 rows. 100 seats. How much $$$ do you think they'd have to charge you to just break even?!? Not a chance in he11. We're lucky to even get 34 inches of pitch in coach on the A330's. It wouldn't surprise me to see those seats re-pitched to 32 or 33 to cram in a few more souls.

Even AA has hinted that it's thinking about pulling back on the More Room Throughout Coach marketing hype so they can start squeezing the seats back in.