24 hour cancellation policy


May 24, 2017
I mistakenly book a Delta ticket from US for the wrong date. As soon as I realized my mistake I cancelled the ticket (within 24). Will I get a full refund for it. The airlines websites says full refund is provided for qualifying eTicket. What
does qualifying implying here. Also how much time is taken for the refund to get processed.

Thanks in advance.
Qualifying means it's not one of the cheapest fares, and therefore not subject to "no change, no cancellation" policies. That's why you have to be very careful in booking flights yourself if you are looking for the cheapest fares. If that's why you booked that particular ticket, you probably will not get a refund. Always read the ticketing rules before hitting enter on your computer.
Well, never count a day lost where you learn something. I did not know about remorse cancellation. Interesting. But then, as long as there's at least a jumpseat available to me, I don't ever buy a ticket. As I'm retiring before too much longer, I'll have to start buying tickets. From what I hear from retirees, the new D2R non-rev classification stands for "Doubtful 2 Really Sure you're not getting on the airplane."
The 24 hour cancellation policies have been around for a while -- it's one of those things the airlines did to get Congress to back away from re-regulating a deregulated industry...