6 mil for exec''s. & 1.2 mil for the union.........


Aug 20, 2002
Lets see, you don't trust the company, you don't trust the union, you don't trust the courts. Of course you've seen the books and know the plan. Why are you working on the ramp again???
You pointed finger in the first post why not answer the question posted to you. Remember when you point one you have three pointing back at you A320av8r. Good luck to you and yours! [:blackeye:] VOTE NO!
Not only should all employees be outraged by this it should be stopped. We might not be able to stop the six but we sure can stop the 1.2 they are going to give the IAM. For nonrepresentaion of our group. How can we give into the greed of the exec''s and the IAM. VOTE NO![:blackeye:]
Same as you to pay the bills. I do not have to like or care for the way a comopany does it business but I do. Taking the money from labor is a quick fix. Work rule consessions are the big fix. This company will not fix the problems instead keeps comeing back and wanting money. I blame not a person in the other groups at this airline If Dave wants to give anymore away he could spread it around a little better than in the home office. Let them leave they are the ones who put us in ths situation. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Fix the problems do not make more. By the way can you answer Oliver Twist Question one...Good luck to you and yours![:blackeye:] VOTE NO!

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