737 back from MHV


Nov 25, 2002
Mechanics do not get called back because of planes returning to the fleet. For example they closed TPA and the work went to PIT and CLT, those two stations did not get more manpower to accomplish the work. US is under the philosophy we can do more with less and it does not quite work, but the bean counters in PIT and DCA sure think it can. It happened in 99 like that.[BR][BR]Also yes the 767-200s and F100s are all AA's property.[BR][BR]But aircraft 618AU a 757-200 will be going to the MHV next month as well as 647US a 767-200ER, the story on 647 is the company that has the lease will not come down on the monthly fees so US is sending to the MHV in January.
[FONT face=Courier New]Hi all,[BR][BR]It was officially announced last evening that we''ve been awarded the [BR]contract to store all 74 of AA''s F-100s. First aircraft should be [BR]arriving around Jan 7. The original retirement schedule has been [BR]accelerated. An F-100 will also be in tomorrow to pick up some AA [BR]folks that are visiting here.[BR][BR]It looks like the 767-200s will be going to Roswell. MD-80s are still [BR]up in the air, and we''re supposedly competitive.[BR][BR]Also, it looks like US has been successful in renegotiating some [BR]733/4 leases, and we''ll be reactivated 8 or 10 of them.[BR][BR]Alan[/FONT][BR]Alan is a mechanic at AvTel services at MHV
Just to clarify, the top 3/4 of the message pertains to AA. So, rest assured that the 767s belonging to US do not appear to be going to Roswell.[BR][BR]The other positive sign is the reintroduction of 8 - 10 733s and 734s. Hopefullt that means that 80 - 100 pilots will be called back with an equivalent numbers of ground agents, flight attendants, and mechanics.