8 Airlines to Avoid when traveling

At least Delta was above jetblu and after UsAir. Should be any minute now that you know who will chime in.

Potentially America’s least favorite airline, Delta airlines receives more complaints within the online community than any other airline. From frequent flight delays, to lost baggage, overbooking, and even outright flight cancellations, Delta is notorious for its bad customer reviews and even poorer service.
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Kev3188 said:
I wonder if we (DL) get more complaints because we've made it so easy to report them?
pretty sure the majority of that is complete bull crap. 
At least according to DOT data, Delta's operations are miles a head of the other US4. I'd love to know where they got their data from. 
There is no data, dawg or Kev.

If there was, then the authors and those who posted the article should be able to post something that corroborates their statements.

This story is nothing but a pulled out of thin air bunch of observations that they don't back up with any data - for any carrier.

Regardless of the carrier, there are verifiable data sources that show how carriers do and they actually MEASURE the performance of carriers in areas that consumers say matter.

like so much of what is discussed on here, people resort to emotions in hopes that they can win a discussion that really is based on verifiable data. It's no surprise that this report like so much else that gets said on here falls flat on its face when it has to contend with real data.
topDawg said:
pretty sure the majority of that is complete bull crap.
I'm not saying it's not. I'm just wondering aloud if making filing complaints so easy/immediate hasn't resulted in a larger volume of complaints that otherwise would've been filed.