A few questions for A&P Mechanics.


Aug 30, 2002
Reguardless if you voted yes or no, you have to be frustrated on the negotiating tactics of the IAM.We have seen over and over how the IAM keeps its members in the dark until the negotiating is over and then throws it down and tells us to vote on it.Do you want this group to negotiate your next contract? These people went to their all important IAM convention during the most important week of negotiations in this airlines history.Do you want to go through another contract negotiation without knowing what is being negotiated for and negotiated away? Do you want a union that fights to keep you grouped as un-skilled labor? The IAM at United Airlines petitioned the National Labor Relation Board that a substantial number of ramp serviceman and customer service agents predominately preform recognized Mechanic and related duties.Therefore they argued that such employees are eligible to participate in any election among the carriers Mechanics and related employees class or craft.They also argued that employees covered by the two agreements perform interelated and mutually dependent duties and are related in talents and interest. AMFA took the position that the classification of employees constitute an appropriate craft or class of employees for representation purposes and objected to the inclusion of other classifications as contended by the IAM. The decision is yours! At NorthWest the mechanics knew what was on the table during the whole negotiating process, how can this be worst than being kept in the dark! If we dont make a change now I believe there is nothing the IAM can do to us to get us to vote them out!Please take the time to send in a AMFA card.Good luck to all!

Jet Mechanic

Sep 13, 2002

You make the valid point of no matter how one voted, the tactics of the IAM were blatant and on display for all to see. I don't think anyone can have confidence in the abilities of the union leadership to represent us in the coming six months, eighteen months, etc. We KNOW how they deal with the company!

Let's take your suggestion to sign an AMFA card to the next level: If you have signed one, take three more cards and get co-workers to sign them. On every shift in every station there should be a person or persons to submit the cards. Once a group of cards is accumulated they are being sent via registered mail to Laconia, NH. The way AMFA is going to come in is to have 60+% of people signing cards and the only way to do it is to network.

AMFA is not for now, it's for the future.

Jet Mechanic

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
I would have to agree 100% the IAM did not do its job in negotiating that piece of paper they call a contract. That is nothing more than the company's proposal the union brought back to its membership. True the negotiating team was at a international meeting the week U went Chap 11 and was caught with their pants down! I doubt if they have even seen the full company version of the so called contract we had forced upon us. Unfortunately for the next 6 1/2 years we are forced to abide by it. Hopefully the membership will open their eyes and get any union that will negoiate for its members!


Sep 13, 2002
as for a mech for 25 yrs, I have never voted yes for anything that the I Ask Management told us to vote yes to.They feel that by keeping us in the dark and telling us how to vote on things that they are the GREAT LEADERS bs to that.They didnt like the fact we SAID NO and they will never like that, but now its done and like the old saying the horse is near dead then kill it.
So its time to do the same for the IAM.
We at U need to thank everybody that voted yes, people like repeet will get whats due to them
Oh my gawd, I'm famous!

Seriously though, I hated voting yes and if we get saddled with best of two out of three, the next time I'll vote no.

That being said, has anybody noticed what the stock market is doing today? I've been saying for months that this country is headed into a depression. I hate being right. I'm afraid, yes afraid, that even with the reduced wages that this will be a very desirable job by this time next year.

But hopefully the IAM won't be around to make it any worse. I mailed my card in two weeks ago.