A ray of sunshine in a gloomy forecast??????


Aug 19, 2002
Before we all go off the deep end in trying to figure out what the heck is going on lets all keep this in mind. There was a shake up in GWB''s economic cabinet. Do you all think that the now with this change in Washington that they would honestly let 35,000 employees of U hit the streets?? Would be a black eye for the current White House team IMO. The bottom line is now IMHO the playing field no longer favors the Dave and Dave team. We are now on equal terms once again. Some of you might think that I am talking out my ### here, but take a minute to think about it. We the labor group must not take advantage of the situation and neither must management. If RSA thinks if they pull the $$$ away from the company do you all not think that there is someone waiting in the wings to replace them???? We all might not like Dave Seigel, but I do beleive that Dave does know his stuff. Seigel is not like W and G....there is a plan B IMO. Just some food for thought in a gloomy time for all of us.