A small thanks to the good folks in RES


Aug 20, 2002
Why I want continue to fly US:
I have a death in the family and have to be in NJ on very short notice. Call the CP desk. The angel I spoke with (please pardon my memory and sexist terminology--I can''t remember the name) told me that the berevement fare was going to be more than I really wanted to pay, so I burned miles. I got the flights I wanted, and an upgrade that I forgot I was even entitled to attempt (on a premium-Y award) without even asking. Not having to haul butt for my return flight (by virtue of being able to hit the F security line) makes a large bit of difference in terms of the amount of time I''ll be able to spend with family, and while I''d have ridden in the cargo hold to get where I needed to go, it''s little touches like this that really make you appreciate how much better you guys are than the competition.
It''s probably snowing or something equally nasty down in Winston-Salem, and I know the mood can''t be great. You guys never cease to amaze me with the quality and focus of the frontline folks. I realize that accolades can pax can only do so much in these trying times, but realize that regardless of what happens you guys are doing your job better than your counterparts at any other major. Bar none.

Please accept my condolences on your loss. I am proud that our professional Customer Service Agents were there for you. Our agents are truly amazing, too bad our management can't/won't/don't realize the asset of fine customer service.

I'll remember you in my prayers tonight.

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