AA announces upgrade to PHL-LAX transcon service


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
Temporary upgrade using 787 from 07Jan to 12FEB. Westbound from PHL will operate Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Eastbound from LAX will operate Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

What happened to the AB321T's that operated from JFK (I think) to LAX? Are they still flying?

Hate to ask but, Is this another "put lipstick on the pig" move? What information could be gleaned from a 3xweekly operation that lasts about 4-6 weeks in the Winter? I mean other than people hate flying in bad Winter weather, but who didn't know that?
There has been a daily A-330 round trip on this route for sometime
It’s a solid market
The temp 787 service is most likely due to some international markets are seasonal and need to find routes for these aircraft
Phl still has a good amount of international connections as well so not sure if this is another reason or not
Or, it's for pilot training. IIRC, pilots need a certain number of hours on a new type before you get to go fly ETOPS.