AA charges for Liquor on INTL now

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I got a idea,
They could lay off some of their legal department
then they would have money for drinks for their passengers..
Last I checked they could prob lay off 100 or so,never know
the difference..they have thousands..
I'm surprised their legal department is so HUGE. They farm out everything they do to private lawfirms anyway. Either they have no confidence in the lawyers and legal staff on the payroll...or they have money to burn.

If AA would just sit down with plaintiffs and defendants and settle all their litigation, the savings in legal fees would easily be in the millions (29 million last year alone) but instead they choose to litigate the hell out of everything and pay private lawfirms anywhere from 375.00 and hour to 750.00 an hour and most of these big firms put two to five lawyers on a single case to crank up the billable hours!

Such a waste. Tragic!

I just want to tell you thanks.

I was undecided on my upcoming vote on Nov. 5th.

After using the right click option on my computer and visiting the source where you store your icons, I have now decided.

Your agenda for liberal politics is appalling.
[P]You make your voting decisions based upon where some other poster stores his icons??[BR][BR]
On 11/2/2002 8:01:45 PM MrMarky wrote:


You make your voting decisions based upon where some other poster stores his icons??


Not really! Just a metaphoric way of expressing opposition to life style and political promotion that I strongly disagree with.

Based on my current out-of-pocket expense for prescription medication, it is obvious that I am now paying for this life style that some choose!

The real question is...

Why can't this life style be kept safe and private?
Can you explain to us how lifestyle made the cost of perscriptions go up? I see it more as the big drug makers and insurance companys lining there own pockets. It amazing what a drug costs here and what it does in Mexico or Spain. Same drug same dose, 1/4 the price.
I'm voting republican on tuesday the 5th
get out and vote they the liberals dont like the truth
No they dont. Nor does any one group of people. AIDS doesnt discriminate against anyone. No one is 100% safe.

I will say the drug companies are doing a great job of gouging the victims.

It takes a very short sighted person to believe that the price of insurance and prescriptions are up only because domestic partners or someone simply being gay. Benefits for domestic partners can hardly be responsible for a increase in premiums. A straight couple with 2 or 3 kids will tax the system far more. To keep cost down, how about we limit coverage to employee and spouse/partner. Sound ridiculous? So does your last post!
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