AA Labor Costs


Aug 30, 2002
For people who think that labor cost are too high at AA,Take a look at what SWA pays their employees.Their pay rates are not that much lower than AA or other Major carriers.They operate in today''s market and still earn a slight profit.AA is being killed by EXCESS CAPACITY and too many different FLEET TYPES.AA management has not been willing up to this point to radically overnight change the airline to match the present market.The use of satellite teleconferences,fax machines,e-mail,ect has contributed to the New Airline Market.I''m sure that the people who were running the pony express were not happy to see the development of trains.I''m sure the railroads were not happy to see the development of commerical aviation.The development of high tech also has this same affect on the airline business.Wage Concessions will not fix this change in the Airline business and mentality of the business people to use high tech instead of airlines to do their business.